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January 25th, 2008 · Lisa · book review, Fun with Friends, Review · Comments
I have made a commitment to myself to get back into blogging. I think it is a great means of expression. I just have to make a more concerted effort. So, I am starting by catching up on some reviews of recipes I have tried from the newest cookbooks to join the family.Am currently eating a lot of raw food and training for a half marathon, so the extravagant menus have been on the back burner. But when my family celebrated ‘festivus‘ we cracked open Veganomicon to see what treats she held.
We were delighted!

As you can see we created quite a spread. Each year we do a different theme for our holiday meal. This year was ‘food made for dipping’. It was fun to brainstorm all the possibilities that would fit into this category. The result was:
  • whole grain bread with rosemary infused olive oil
  • lentil samosas with tamarind chutney
  • lots of cut of veggies and three different hummus selections
  • spicy tempeh nori rolls and soy sauce (Veganomicon)
  • fresh salad rolls and peanut sauce (Vegan with a Vengeance inspired)
  • sweet potato fries and ketchup
  • tortilla chips and two kinds of salsa (tomato and a white bean and corn)
  • vietnamese seitan baguette with savory broth dip
Later we had
  • Warm peppermint chocolate soymilk (for dipping our cookies in)
  • orange chocolate biscotti (Veganomicon)
  • shortbread cookies

It was truly amazing. I was very impressed with how easily everything came together. Isa and Terry have an incredible ability to combine delicious flavours in a way that delights palates young and old. We had people enjoying the dinner from ages 2 to 52. I know many people online have already openly admitted their infatuation with Veganomicon. I have to echo that this recipe collection provides a great foundation for any vegan’s kitchen repertoire.

By the way, we also had brunch that day. It included a lot of fruit. You can see I got all fancy with the skewers. We made banana pancakes from Vive le Vegan. That recipe is a staple in my house. It is very quick to prepare and uses ingredients that I always seem to have on hand. I like to play Jack Johnson’s ‘Banana Pancakes’ in the background while I indulge. To top it all off we made chocolate brownie waffles from Veganomicon. I wish I could tell you that they were delightful-melt in your mouth-delicious. But, I did not get a chance to try even a bite as they were scarfed down pretty fast.

So, there’s a first post to get back into the swing of things.
Orange Chocolate Biscotti 8.5/10-These had the perfect balance of orange and chocolate, a traditional biscotti texture and impressed the all my omni friends!
Spicy Tempeh Nori Rolls 7/10– My brother loved these. I think the tempeh could have been a little more flavourful. I do like things to be spicy-especially when that is in the title
Vietanmese seitan baguette with broth dip-8.5/10-These are hardy sandwiches. My nephew could not get enough. He is still talking about them weeks later.

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