Feasting on Millennium fare in Ontario!

July 5th, 2008 · Lisa · book review, Review · Comments

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For many vegans San Francisco serves as a Mecca, calling us to make the long journey to a place where our lifestyle and beliefs are celebrated through amazing restaurants (including a vegan ice cream parlour), retailers and like-minded friends. However, with fuel prices at an all-time high there is a great incentive to enjoy the flavours and fun of San Francisco in our own backyards (or on a friends patio at the very least). So, on a very warm Sunday morning in Toronto a group of adventurous vegans came together to reproduce San Francisco’s Millennium restaurant’s brunch menu.

This event was inspired by a podcast hosted by John and Colleen from the Toronto Vegetarian Association Resouce Centre Crew. They proclaimed Millennium’s cookbook to contain the most challenging recipes-full of multiple steps, hard to find ingredients and pages of instructions. It seemed the only way to tackle this feat was to share the burden with friends. The volunteers of the resource centre (and their favourite people) were invited to participate in a potluck-style brunch. Each person was assigned a component recipe from the Brunch chapter of Millennium’s cookbook. Many of the recipes contain sub-component recipes for sauces, garnishes etc. Each individual prepared their component and then the dish was brought together and the full Millenium presentation was successfully realized (with a little help from our friends!)

I was assigned the Citrus-Bearnaise-Style Sauce (pg. 161). I started by collecting all the appropriate ingredients. Which included a eventful search for vegan, organic white wine.

I soaked the cashews to make a thick and creamy cashew cream, which provides the base of this sauce. I love how plump the soaked cashews look, waiting to take a spin in the blendtec.

Now for the array of finished dishes. Starting with the Benedict (pg. 160):

The Polenta, Tofu, and Vegetable Quiche (pg. 163):

The Smoked Tempeh and Potato Sausage (pg. 160):

And finally the Flaxseed-Apple-Battered French Toast with Warm Apple Compote (pg. 162):

It was a fantastic brunch. Everyone left smiling! So, we encourage you to takle life’s big challenges by inviting the people you care about to give you a hand. The results can be quite delicious.

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    What a fabulously fun idea.
    Envious I missed it.

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