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Jubb’s Longevity-this couple is an institution in the Living Foods movement. I didn’t eat anything here because I was already super full from Angelica’s kitchen but I did enjoy looking at the pantry items and books they had for sale.

Curly’s is a great vegan diner close to NYU and Trader Joe’s. Speaking of Trader Joe’s…wow, I have never seen line ups at any grocery store like the ones at the NYC Trader Joe’s-it is almost humerous. I just kept thinking-thank god I’m on vacation and not late for work!

This salad is from Caravan of Dreams. It was one of the best things I ate over the entire week. This restaurant was such a wonderful surprise. It was half cooked and half raw food (all vegan of course), this salad was full of delicious mango and pine nuts.

This was a lovely morning ritual of coffee and a moist pumpkin muffin at ‘Snice in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I was there on the first day of school-and got to listen in on all the local Mom’s chatting about ther little one’s new adventures in independence and learning.

Red Bamboo. This is definitely a favourite of the NYU crowd. The menu has surprising dishes for a vegan restaurant such as crispy creole chicken, BBQ ribs, dumplings, wontons…it seems almost endless. I went there with a friend who had not tried tofu in over six years. It was a great place to introduce him to the possibilities of meat analogs. The flavour of our dinner was unbelieveable…he was blown away…but it certainly didn’t leave me feeling healthy.

Candle 79 is one of the original vegan fine-dining destinations
This is a great morning granola dish at Candle Cafe. The sweetly spiced cashews were fantastic.

Angelica’s kitchen is a New York institution. I have the updated cookbook from this establishment, although it isn’t one I use very often. I stopped in for lunch one afternoon and had the their picnic dish (a small taste of numerous dishes). This is a great way to experience the variety of flavours available at this warm and welcoming spot. I loved the kale and the walnut lentil pate. Having lunch there totally inspired me to give some of the recipes a try at home.

I was so full from Angelica’s but I wanted to give Quitessence a try (another raw restaurant next to Live Live) this is just their fruit parfait made with strawberries, bananas and conconut cloud cream. It was very decadent and I ended up finishing it the next day.

Since there was a ‘Snice in Park Slope (where I was staying) I was able to stop by more than once. I made the staff recommend their favourite sandwiches and eventually decided to give the smoked tempeh wrap a try. I was not disappointed, the smoky flavour was amazing and wow was I full when I left.

Ah, Pure Food and Wine. It is a destination. However, I wasn’t able to take out a second mortgage to devour a big meal at this incredible raw restaurant. Luckily, just around the corner they have a little take out spot. You can see a great selection of their raw desserts here. I opted for an evening with a friend on the couch-watching the new 90210 and eating some raw oreo ice cream. I will probably never forget that night.

The vegan dosa cart at Washington sq. park. I had heard so much about this guy-even watching an segment on Martha Stewart when he was profiled. It is worth the hype. For $5 I had a huge meal of spicy, crispy, plant-based goodness. No complaints…well, I wish he lived in Toronto.

On a special Saturday morning I got to have brunch with a lovely friend at the Organic cafe on the Lower East Side. A plate full of vegan crepes wrapped around fresh fruit arrived at my table. It was a delight. The waiter kept refilling my steaming cup of Joe…later I learned he was a fellow Canadian. This restaurant was not in any of my veg guidebooks but it had fantastic vegan options-especially for a relaxed, satisfying brunch.

This is a shot of my Teanychino (the spot that Moby opened with his then girlfriend Kelly). This is a really busy location, and I never really felt relaxed or welcome while hanging out here. But the Teanychino-a maca, almond-milk delight was unbelievably good. I even went back to try the pumpkin-flavoured version…stick with the original, it can not be improved upon.

Just around the corner from Teany is babycakes. This bakery is known for creating allergen-free baked goods, free of refined sugars, eggs, dairy, gluten,etc. When I visited it was fairly early in the morning and I just wasn’t in the mood for a cupcake or a shot of icing. But I did sample some banana bread that tasted pretty good. I think I expected to be more of a destination…but it was a tiny, little bakery full of sweet treats and many hard working women.

During the warm summer months, Union sq is over taken by a organic farmer’s market three times a week. It was a lovely surprise to be able to sample the bounty from the farms of New York state.
Counter, another veg restaurant has a little stand at the Union sq market where they serve up lots of sweet vegan treats and some deliciously hearty and savoury wraps and sandwiches. The lineups proved that this food is something special.

The last shots are all from Hangawi. This beautiful Korean restaurant served up a four course Ginseng lunch for me. It was my most memorable meal of the trip. Hangawi was an oasis from the chaos of the city-the food was spicy, fresh and amazing, the staff was reverent in their service and I got to experience the only four-course lunch of my life.


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    I don’t know where to start! Everything looks and sounds so amazing! (I loved the mortgage comment…).
    How wonderful that you were able to have a Big Apple vacation!

  2. KB
    Posted October 17, 2016 at 1:15 pm

    Vegan Dosa is a redundant term. Because DOSA is ALWAYS VEGAN and the chutneys / sambar that accompany it are ALSO VEGAN. Enjoy!

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