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Ricki Frees the Masses with her Sweets

Sweet Freedom

Testing Terry’s Tamales

This week my Vegan Latina recipe testing lunch featured a number of amazing dishes. After watching Terry make tamales at Vegetarian Summerfest I was inspired to wrap up a batch in my own kitchen. If you are planning to be in the Toronto area in early September, you should definitely plan to attend her tamale […]

gluten-freerawsugar-free Daring Bakers craft some cookies

Raw Milan Cookies

Berry season, please don’t leave me.

Berries, you have made my July so sweet. Please, don’t go. You are so beautiful! I have really enjoyed our time together. When you try to go, I will be forced to trap you in a state of suspended animation (in my freezer). If you still feel that it is time for you to move […]

Vegetarian Summerfest 2009

I have now been home for a week following my first experience at Vegetarian Summerfest and I still haven’t completely come down from the high. Every time I start to discuss the experience I start talking too fast and I get really flushed and excited-it is amazing how energizing it can be to connect with […]

Testing Terry’s Summery Latin recipes

I’m really behind in posting about the recipes I tested from Vegan Latina last week. But I have a really good excuse. I was in Johnstown, Pennsylvania all week attending Vegetarian Summerfest. It was incredible! I promise to write a long post about all of the highlights. I was delighted to finally get to meet […]

Cottage Cooking and Ripe From Around Here Testing

Ahh…a weekend at the cottage is an incredible opportunity to tear yourself away from technology, catch up on important reading and celebrate fantastic food with great friends. This is what it looks like from my cottage at 5:15 am. I love sitting on the dock with a cup of tea when it feels like the […]