Spicy, satisfying vegan fare at Disney World’s Sanaa

November 13th, 2009 · Lisa · restaurant review, Review, Travel · Comments
Right off the bat I have to tell you that the pictures I have uploaded will not do justice to the beautiful dishes I was presented with at Sanaa (a South Asian-African fusion restaurant at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Lodge). We ate there after a long day spent wandering the parks. The sun was setting over the savana and although you could still see giraffes and zibrasstrolling by the windows, the lighting was not ideal for a photo session.Sanaa is a new edition to Walt Disney World’s culinary landscape. It offers a range of dishes that are inspired by the flavour profiles of both indian and african cuisines. One of the most exciting things about this restaurant is that it offers a completely vegan menu. There is a standard menu with all sorts of animal parts braised, roasted and glazed. But for those whose appetites are suppressed by that description, fear not, there is something at Sanaaespecially for you.From the vegan menu we ordered a number of different dishes and everything was incredible. We asked for the chef to prepare our order with spice as we know they tend to tame the fiery impact of traditional Indian dishes for the mainstream palate of most visitors. We really enjoy a spicy curry and we did not regret our request. The chef created the perfect balance of rich texture and strong, deep flavours. There is just something soul-satisfying about a bowl of creamy lentils simmered in spices.

We started our meal with a bread service accompanied by a myriad of tasty dips and spreads. I didn’t catch a picture but it was a really delicious way to whet our appetites for what was to come.

Dan’s favourite green curry dish

At Sanaa the entree option is a selection of various dishes from a list of their vegan offerings. My Mom selected the black lentil dhal, green beans and roasted cauliflower curry.

Dan also ordered the lentils and cauliflower but complimented them with the green curry dish that he has come to adore (pictured above). In order to broaden the range of dishes we were able to taste I opted to try the salad sampler. As with the entree, you create your order by selecting three dishes from a list of enticing options. I settled on the carrot salad, chickpea salad and beet salad. Each one had a bright, citrus vinagrette that was a lovely contrast to the strongly flavoured dishes my family members ordered.

To calm her burning tastebuds my Mom selected the vegan sundae to end her meal. A big scoop of tofutti ice cream was presented.

It wasn’t the most amazing dessert she had ever tasted but it certainly helped to cool her mouth and satisfy her sweet tooth.

It was another amazing meal spent enjoying flavours and textures rather than worrying about cross-contamination and animal cruelty.


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    yay! we are going here too

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    I look forward to hear about your trip and all the amazing meals you have. Are you trying any other restaurants while you're at WDW?

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