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Fruitarians are a subgroup of raw food enthusiasts who consume the majority of their calories from fruits (including avocados, tomatoes and peppers). The authors of Becoming Raw wanted to demonstrate a menu that would fit the fruitarian lifestyle and meet all of the dietary reference intakes of vitamins and minerals.

You’ll see from the photos below that it takes a lot of fruit to meet all of your nutrient requirements but if you love to eat, maybe this is the diet for you. I could have blended the fruits and greens into smoothies but I just wanted to experience this menu in a simple, raw state. Looking back, I think I should have used my blender because I felt really full all day on this menu. I went with the lower calorie amount (1700) and still had trouble finishing everything -the salad in the photo does not do justice to the 4 cups of lettuce, 2 cups of kale, 3 cups of napa cabbage and 3 cups of raw veggies it contains. I think it took me an hour to eat it. Phew.

apple slices eaten before sunrise
Navel orange
strawberries (picked last June and frozen)
more apple goodness
3 Melon salad (p.291)
Navel orange and Romaine lettuce
Whole Meal Salad (p. 296)
(it could feed a family of four)
apple & pear slices

This combination of fruit, greens, seeds and nuts results in an ideal breakdown of calories with 10% from protein, 25% from fat and 65% from carbohydrates. With 74 grams of fibre you will feel full and your digestive track will keep things moving along. If you missed the previous raw menu, check it out here.

Eating this menu had me grazing all day. 
Are you a grazer? 5 small meals? or  3 square meals kind of person? 

If you were to eat this menu on a regular basis are their foods you would miss?
I love fresh fruit but I found myself craving something crunchy and crispy. I find I crave a variety of textures rather than individual foods.

Training Update: I think I going to stick with yoga tonight followed by a hot bath!


  1. Posted April 10, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    Hey Lisa,
    Just replied to your comment on my blog – you can get agave powder from The Raw Food 🙂

  2. Posted April 10, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    I don't understand the reasoning behind fruitarianism, and I really don't know much or anything about it so I'm not judging fruitarians at this point but am just confused – what do they have against vegetables? I know you mentioned in your post where adequate calories, fat and fibre come from, but what about nutrients like protein, calcium and iron? Can those really be obtained through just one food group?

    To answer your questions:
    I'm probably more of a 3 meals kind of person at this point, although I've been trying to split up my lunch into smaller portions and eat throughout the day. But my breakfasts and dinners tend to be fairly large.

    And oh my goodness yes I would certainly miss many foods! I really love grains, I love bread, pasta and quinoa and would definitely miss those.

    I also love legumes and things made from legumes and gluten flour like chickpea cutlets.

    Another one of my favourite things to eat is brocolli in some kind of stir fry or something really saucy in general. I find that broccoli really absorbs flavours strongly and I love how it gets all mushy and soft.

    But also, I just really enjoy eating warm food, temperature wise. I think that I would really miss coming home to a warm chili or soup in the winter months.

    And then of course there's my sweet tooth, although I am slowly learning that things like dates can be just as delicious and satisfy my craving for sweet treats just as much as baked goods.

    Does eating raw cookie dough count as a raw snack? 😛

  3. Posted April 11, 2010 at 6:27 am

    Thank you Heather…my Moon Pies are in the making.

    I'm not going to argue that you should adopt a fruitarian diet but there many people (especially those with a number of food sensitivities) who feel a lot better when they stop eating a grain-based diet.
    In terms of vegetables, fruitarians often consume leafy greens, avocados, tomatoes and bell pepper but limit some of the starchier vegetables that are harder to digest in their raw state.

    I think what is amazing about this menu and different diets is the variety of ways we can meet our nutritional needs. This diet provides 53 grams of protein. So if you did want to eat this way, you could and still satisfy your body's requirements for nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

    This is actually a very sweet menu. But I would agree that you'd probably enjoying eating it more in July than in February! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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