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April 26th, 2010 · Lisa · book review, Review · Comments

I hope the sun was shining where you live today. When I stepped outside this morning I was surprised by the blue sky and the comfortable temperature. It was a brilliant moment of bliss – soon followed by 8 hours of desk work. So many of us are challenged in our regular routine to find time outside to enjoy the sunshine, let our bodies move and unplug from the constant buzz of electrical devices.

That’s why we need to eat our veggies. They are the most nutrient dense foods available to us – sometimes the most efficient choice is the best choice (I’m sure my boss would like to hear me say that).

Raw vegan diets have developed a reputation for being labour intensive. It’s true that if you want to make sprouted buckwheat granola you’d better start soaking seeds three days in advance of when you hope to enjoy it, but most raw meals actually come together in just minutes. Almost everyone has enjoyed a simple fruit salad at a family picnic, a bowl of guacamole with veggies or a morning smoothie. Eating a diet rich in whole plant foods really can be that simple. 

This Spicy Mexican Salad from Becoming Raw is created using a knife, a cutting board and a bowl. The ingredients are easy to find (although you do need to know how to select a ripe avocado) and the simple preparation really allows the flavours to sing. My taste buds were delighted by the creamy texture of the avocado, the tangy lime juice, intensified by the perfect amount of chili and cumin.

I think now that vegan convenience foods have hit the mainstream (with marshmallows, mayonnaise and faux cheese all readily available) it is a good reminder that the foundation of our diets should be whole plant foods. Access to gourmet raw restaurant meals and store shelves stocked with dehydrated snacks is a wonderful testament to an increased interest in eating better. There are times when convenience and celebration are the most important factor in your food decisions but for all those other days, I encourage you to delight in the beautiful bounty that comes directly from the earth. 

This would be a perfect dish to bring to a Cinqo de Mayo celebration!

With celebrations in mind, a very Happy Birthday to the Twins

If you have some parties to go to in the near future you may want to check out Heathy’s raw ice cream ebook and her next sweet challenge.

Over to you:

What is your favourite quick meal (10 minutes or less)?

What simple raw snack do you enjoy often?

What is the best gourmet vegan meal you’ve ever had?

Training Update: Quick 6km run after work…in the sunshine (wearing shorts). Perfect.

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  1. Posted April 28, 2010 at 10:50 pm

    Oh no! I posted a comment on this this morning I thought but I must have forgotten to click submit at the end! 🙁 I'll try to remember what I wrote.

    My favourite quick meal is…you guessed it! Avocado on toast. I know I have mentioned that on your blog several times now, but it's true! Another favourite quick "meal" of mine (not really a meal I guess, more of a treat!) is Nimisha's pecan-date balls.

    In terms of simple raw meals, most of the raw food I consume is in the form of smoothies and salads, although I tend to have smoothies as part of my breakfast and salads as part of my dinner, as opposed to as snacks.

    This isn't really raw, but when I'm craving a sugary snack and I know I've already had enough treats for the day, I like to cut up an apple, sprinkle some cinnamon and sugar on it, and pop it in the microwave for 30-45 seconds, just long enough to warm it up a bit.

    But I do enjoy fruit salads in the summer, or (again sorry for being so repetitious!) lately just cut up pineapple or mango.

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