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Speedy Salads and Express Sweets

Speed Vegan

gluten-freenut-freerawsugar-free Going crackers for flax

Sweet Cinnamon Flax Crackers & Tasty Thai Flax Crackers

Ripe From Around Here Launches in Toronto

Here’s a little taste of a very delicious night! Last night was the launch party for jae Steele’s second book Ripe From Around Here. You might remember from earlier posts that last summer jae and I had weekly cookdates to play with recipes and explore the ingredients available at local markets. After months of chopping, measuring […]

gluten-freenut-freesugar-free Amazing African Wat

African Wat Stew

gluten-freerawsugar-free A smorgasbord of smoothies

The Royal Blush Smoothie

Kids today…

Hot Yam in Toronto

gluten-freesugar-free Frapptastic


Ladies who lunch…and whom I’d like to lunch with.

3 Delicious Salads

gluten-freerawsugar-free S.O.S Popeye is coming for lunch

Avocado Spinach Dip & Spinach Hemp Flatbread

gluten-freerawsugar-free A Sweet Escape

Ice Cream Cake

Ripe From Around Here….is here!

My post for Heathy’s raw ice cream cake challenge is going to be delayed just one more day because when I should have been using the ideal picture-taking hours to highlight the creamy texture of my Elegant Elvis and Cinnamon Roll variations I was celebrating a very exciting moment with a fantastic friend. May’d Me […]

Puddles and Previews

May’d me Smile May 13 – Children in colourful raincoats splashing in puddles. Today I was feeling frustrated by the weather as I got soaked while trying to fit in my 10 km run. Then as I stopped at a red light I looked over and saw a little boy in a bright red rain […]

Taking a tiffin

May’d me smile May 11- Unpacking a delicious lunch prepared just for me. After my trip to New York, the amazing meals and the chocolate truffle class, my body was ready for an infusion of simple food.  I know that packing a lunch takes time and requires the foresight of grocery shopping – something I barely […]

A day of discoveries in New York City

Pure Food and Wine, Peanut Butter & Co, & Soy and Sake in NYC

Exploring coffee, curry, cream and community in NYC

Pukk & Lulu’s Sweet Apothecary in NYC