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gluten-freerawsugar-free Gift-worthy vegan gravy, protein-packed tabouli, and swiftly sliced strawberries

O’ Canada Patriotic Pie

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Celebrating the wild things in my life

On an typical Sunday afternoon, those who wandered past what seemed to be a standard family home in the suburbs, were caught off-guard by sounds of “terrible roars” and nashing of “terrible teeth”. From what I witnessed on the news, there were similar surprises taking place on Queen & Spadina (a few blocks from my […]


Welcoming new vegans.

If you read this blog with any regularity you’re already familiar with my penchant for care packages. I really enjoy picking out the recipes to prepare and wrapping everything up in order to surprise the recipient with some special treats. Kelly, the owner of Vegans Love LAVA, a Canadian distributor of vegan accessories, housewares and […]


gluten-freerawsugar-free Ani’s Raw Food Essentials: Basically…Bliss.

Ani’s Raw Food Essentials & Chocolate Cherry Cake

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Cherry Picking (and Picking A Winner)

After a busy Saturday full of friends and revelry, Sunday I started to work through my summer to- do list (even though it was the last day of spring). I have started visiting farmer’s markets and finished my swim lessons last week. Yesterday, I had the chance to lead my first local pick with Not […]


One Spectacular Saturday

What a day! My Saturday was stock-full of food and friends. I got up bright and early to bake seven dozen cookies for my brothers’ next care package (and a sampler for Kelly‘s “new mom” freezer). The oven was preheating before 6 am. I selected three recipes from three favourite baking resources. Ricki’s Chocolate Peanut […]

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Thanks for the Sunshine

This is not a thank you to Mother Nature. I love her and all that she brings to my life (although, lately there has been a slightly disproportionate amount of rain and wind). Instead this is an idea I had last week to thank two delightful women in my life who were there for me […]


Busy with Joy.

Last night I was catching up with a good friend and she said “you sound really happy”. You know, she was right. The funny thing is nothing significant has changed in my life, other than my perspective, but I am feeling incredibly blessed lately.  The past three years have been the toughest I’ve ever faced. […]


gluten-freenut-freerawsugar-free A Simple Sauce Starring Rhubarb!

Rhubarb Strawberry Sauce

Unsolicited summer suggestions and a great giveaway!

The sun is shining and in just 10 days Summer will be upon us.I know you don’t need my help in planning your summer fun but since I visit this blog often it is a convenient place for me to document my plans and maybe inspire some of you in the process. Here is my […]


Dishing up some Bliss

My office is moving this Friday and the G20 descends upon my city in a matter of days, so I’m living with some chaos in my life. During the day, I have to meander around stacks of green bins, piles of chairs and bags of files set for the shredder in order to reach my […]


Veggie Pride and Soul Goals

Yesterday was Toronto’s first Veggie Pride Parade. I went with some trepidation. I wasn’t sure what the mood  of the parade would be. I’m happy to report that it was a huge celebration and all who participated were there to spread the joy of living a compassionate life. The crowd that gathered to watch the […]