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gluten-freerawsugar-free Apple Butter Ice Cream for Quitters

Apple Butter Ice Cream

gluten-freenut-freerawsugar-free A Simple Apple Slaw for Fall

Apple and Carrot Slaw

rawsugar-free Understanding Eve: Raw Apple Streusel Bars

Raw Apple Streusel Bars

Quick Cashini Toss (with Artisana)

Ah…well, I have made it to Thursday – and all of you have too! This has been a very busy week. The Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-Off registration closes tomorrow and the Scotiabank Half Marathon is on Sunday. I wish I could say that I’m feeling healthy and prepared, but my psoas continues to hamper any […]

gluten-freerawsugar-free Sundaes for any given Sunday

Banana Walnut Soft Serve & Banana Mango Macadamia Soft Serve

Luscious Cacao and Coconut Brownies (with Artisana Coconut Butter)

The other day I arrived home and found my favourite piece of mail in my post-box: a little note that has “parcel” circled in blue pen. I’m a sucker for surprises. I am so glad that parcels are wrapped in paper and boxes because it extends the anticipation by making it that much harder to guess what […]

The 26th Annual Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair

Truth be told I’m still recovering from my weekend at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair. I am going to spare you all the chaotic details of coordinating the cooking demos – instead I’d like to focus on what this fair is all about: fun, finds, friends and food. I attended my first Food Fair in […]

A very sweet Sunday with Matthew Kenney’s Everyday Raw Dessert

Everyday Raw Desserts

Live and Breathe in Toronto

Live and Breathe in Toronto