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Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine Day 1!

So, I made it. Sunday was a flurry of flights, cabs and finally, one hotel. I made it to Oklahoma City in the early afternoon. I unpacked and settled into what will be my home for the next four weeks. Monday morning I woke up at 4:30. In Toronto it was 5:30, which is when […]

Live for Brunch

Brunch at Live Food Bar in Toronto

Appetite for Reduction Announcement

I really enjoyed reading all of your healthy meal suggestions. Kale seems to be a VERY popular component to your nourishing meals. I should probably buy stocks in the green stuff. On to the reason you stopped by: True Random Number GeneratorMin: Max: Result:57Powered by RANDOM.ORGBARBI! You are the winner of Appetite for Reduction!Barbi said “One of my […]

gluten-freesugar-free Get your afternoon energy from savoury oats, mashed potatoes, or avocado

Savoury Steel-Cut Oats

gluten-freerawsugar-free Sweet and Spicy Snacks

Roasted Chickpeas, Lemon Ginger Smoothie and Lemon-Ginger-Cashew Balls

sugar-free Breakfast Bonanza

Cinnamon Banana Breakfast Scramble

sugar-free Bowls for Boundless Energy

Blueberry Ginger Overnight Oats, Lemon Tahini Quinoa Salad and Orange Quinoa Porridge


Have you seen all of the articles heralding that “pie is the new cupcake”? It seems that over the past few years pie-lovers have been hiding in the shadows while brightly frosted, tiny cakes have filled the confection displays in windows of bakeries everywhere. While their neighbours lined up for frosting shots they sat at […]

sugar-free SOS Ginger and Garlic Granola

Ginger and Garlic Granola

gluten-freerawsugar-free SOS Kitchen Challenge: A Thai Twist on the Macaroon

Thai Macaroons

sugar-free SOS Kitchen Challenge: Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie

Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie

Trying, Testing and Training

I have heard a lot of grumbling this week about “January Joiners”, people who show up at the gym for the first few weeks of the year as a result of well-intentioned resolutions. I understand the annoyance. When you get up all year long at 5:30 – you’d like to find a free treadmill waiting […]

The Skinny Bitch is back…and she brought food.

Skinny Bitch: The Ultimate Everyday Cookbook

I love vegan chefs!

I was reflecting on 2010, reviewing photos and recipes. It made me realize how lucky I am that there are incredible, dedicated vegan chefs who create culinary masterpieces without animal products. I don’t eat out often, but I am grateful to have delicious options when I choose to celebrate with a gourmet meal. Thank you, […]

Make 2011 Healthy and Delicious with Appetite for Reduction

Appetite for Reduction