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I really appreciated your comments on yesterday’s post. It was wonderful the way you embraced my suggestions to mix things up with the addition of quinoa and chia. You are an open minded bunch – not limiting your love to sandwiches and salads. Today, I’d like to move beyond energy boosting bowls to help fuel your afternoon or evening workout – I hope you’ll enjoy these breakfast-for-dinner ideas.

First up is a recipe from Ashley of the edible perspective blog. Over the years she has tested and perfected the banana scramble (and has even created an apple scramble for those opposed to the texture of mashed bananas). Ashley’s recipe is a great base for a multitude of flavour variations. The only trouble is, she usually serves this delicious scramble warm from the sauté pan – making it a tough recipe to replicate at your desk.

But, I love a challenge. So, I did a test of my own and I’m pleased to report you can sauté these on the weekend, freeze them and then simply reheat in a toaster or toaster oven. Get ready for some serious banana bliss!

Ashley’s Cinnamon Banana Breakfast Scramble – makes 3 or 4
 1/4 cup rolled oats
2 TBSP ground flax seed
2 TBSP almond milk
 1 banana
2 tsp cinnamon
splash of vanilla extract
2 TBSP shredded coconut
1 tsp coconut oil (or whatever oil you like to saute with)
In a small bowl mash the banana with a fork until it becomes like applesauce in texture. Add the remaining ingredients and stir to combine. Heat a sauté pan over medium heat. Pour about 2 TBSP of batter into a patty shape in the pan (about 1/2″ thick). Cook for about 3 minutes on each side – until it is nicely browned.
Desk-friendly Directions: After you cook the scramble patties, allow them to cool. Wrap each patty individually and toss them in the freezer. When you’re read to enjoy a patty, just warm it through in a toaster or toaster oven. Feel free to top with nut butter or maple syrup for extra energy.
Another one of my favourite work lunches is fruit-filled crêpes. Yes, I am very fancy!

This fantastic recipe (click the link above for all the directions) combines: 1 part ground flax, 1 part water, and 2 parts mashed banana. A pretty simple ingredient list for a very filling meal. The recipe suggests you dehydrate the crêpes for 4-6 hours – but you could also bake them (on a parchment-lined baking sheet) at a low temperature in your oven for 30-45 minutes. The texture should be dry but pliable.

Once cooked (or dried), cut the crêpes into small squares and store them in your freezer. For lunch, pack a couple from your freezer along with some fresh fruit and a nut butter (pictured above is homemade vegan nutella). The crêpes should be at room temperature by the time you’re ready to eat. Fill each one with a delicious combo of fruit and tsp of nut butter.

Take a big bite and imagine you’re on the shore of the Seine rather than the corner of your cubicle.

Now, that I’ve planted the seed – you may want to eat “cubicle crêpes” on a regular basis. If you do have a dehydrator then follow the link below to Matthew Kenney’s amazing raw recipe for Banana-Coconut fruit crêpes from Everyday Raw Desserts
These have a much more extensive ingredient list – but the results are worth the investment.
Just like above, for an office-friendly meal, freeze your batch of crêpes. Before work, pack up a couple along with whatever fruit you have on hand. In the picture above you’ll see what looks like a luscious cream. Actually, it is the results of a banana blended with cinnamon, vanilla extract and a little water. You could whip the cream up in the morning and then keep it cold in the fridge at work until you’re ready to drizzle it inside your coconut crêpe.
I can’t imagine a better way to chase a budget meeting than a plate of fruit-filled crêpes or banana scramble. All of the element are easy to digest and will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on an afternoon yoga class or run in the park.
Keep in mind these meals are meant for consumption two hours before you exercise (as per Hazel’s request). These suggestions are a little more substantial than I would recommend as pre-workout snacks.

Have you ever enjoyed a cubicle crêpes?


  1. Posted January 25, 2011 at 6:57 am

    Yum! Thanks for posting these – I had no idea Everyday Raw Desserts was on google books. I'm going to have to make myself some crepes!

  2. Posted January 25, 2011 at 7:34 am

    Hi Lisa! I have two questions for you:
    1. Can these banana scrambles also be reheated in the microwave?
    2. I'm not a fan of shredded coconut, would these still hold together if I omitted it, or would you recommend replacing it with something else?

  3. Posted January 25, 2011 at 8:31 am

    THis morning I had a bowl of Quinoa with raw nuts, raisins, chopped apple topped with cinnamon! and my own home made almond milk, Yummy. THanks for the suggestion. I would like to buy a dehydrator, any suggestions for brands? Thanks, nancy

  4. Posted January 25, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    they all look really good! wish I was your cubicle neighbor.

  5. Posted January 25, 2011 at 7:10 pm

    Aw, thanks so much for the fabulous shout out. You are so sweet! That first photo is amazing. My usually look like veggie burgers, haha. So glad you like this yummy breakfast. 🙂

  6. Posted January 26, 2011 at 5:37 am

    themommybowl – I debated adding the link. Google Books has a pretty amazing collection.

    Barbi- yes, you can use the microwave but they will be mushy. I would replace the coconut with nut flour/meal. Ground almonds would be a workable alternative.

    nancy- I'm glad you enjoyed a quinoa bowl. I have an excalibur and really like it.

    bitt- I would like being in my cubicle a million times better if you were my neighbour.

    Ashley – your banana scramble is amazing. Thank you.

  7. Posted January 31, 2011 at 4:57 am

    I'm so behind…but catching up is so fun with a great breakfast post like this one! I am going to commit to making & freezing these (sans dehydrator). Wonderful, nutritious, beautiful!

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