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gluten-freerawsugar-free Nacho Kale Chips

Nacho Kale Chips

Challenging Cake Pops

Source It has been a very interesting and busy week in my world. I accepted a new job that both excites and terrifies me. All of my friends on twitter were asking if it involved food. No, but it does require a lot of time with a blackberry. But don’t worry, in my non-work hours […]

gluten-freesugar-free SOS: Three sweet ways to eat more beans

Blood Orange and Red Bean Ice Cream & Red Bean Jam Granola Bars


Sometimes creating amazing food requires a little faith. When I was at the 105degrees Academy I always had a chef available to confirm the perfect texture for coconut yogurt, cashew ice cream or eggplant bacon. There were many times when I would have pulled the plug on my food processor or shut-off the dehydrator when […]

Playing through Raw Food for Everyone by Alissa Cohen

Raw Food for Everyone

gluten-freenut-freesugar-free Receiving gifts…

Sweet Potato Hummus

One sensational Saturday at Waterloo’s Thrive Juice Bar

Thrive Juice Bar in Waterloo

gluten-freerawsugar-free Meet-up magic and nut-butter bliss

Maple Cinnamon Almond Butter

What did I learn at 105?

Since I’ve been back in Toronto, I’ve been cursing the weather and my cubicle. Reentry has been a challenge. When I decided to run away to Oklahoma City to complete the Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine program at the 105 Academy I knew that the adventure would change my perspective on everyday life. Now, I just […]

Can vegans enjoy a dream cruise?

Disney Dream Cruise

Race Day!

Hello everyone! It has been a week and a half since I shared the final moments of my adventure at the 105 Academy. I have a few posts planned to get all caught up on my recent adventures. Let’s start with where I left off. As many of you know, after completing my personal dream […]