What a way to start the day

Breakfast is my favourite meal. 
Most days I eat it at 5:15 am. As much as I do my best to relax and enjoy those special early morning moments, before the city is really awake, my workday is always looming over the entire event. I get up early enough that I’m not rushing through my meal. But, on the weekend, when life is more relaxed I crave the opportunity to really relish each bite.
When I want to take my reveling to a whole new level. I go out for brunch. And invite the people I love.
In Toronto, there is one spot that has captured my devotion. When I have the option, of where to spend my weekend morning I pick Live organic food bar. Let me show you why…
My Mom will drive all the way from Guelph (an hour and a half) for this vegan French Toast.
I can order a HUGE bowl of beautiful, fresh fruit.
My soon-to-be sister-in-law (who is by no means vegan), can find an option that delights her.
And my baby brother (an adventurous omnivore) will happily devour a delicious tofu omelete.
But this week Live’s brunch received a five-star rating in NOW Magazine. As much as I’m happy that many more Torontonians will now be aware of the incredible fare being served each weekend at Live – I’m worried that my VIP section might get a bit crowded.
So, just in case I can’t get a table I’ve started scouring my favourite blogs for some sensational breakfast ideas.

I guess, it is a bit brash to say you were searching your favourite blogs and then link to a recipe on your own site. But, this extraordinary Maca Pancake recipe comes from the genius of my fellow 105 Academy Alum, Corinne. I can only take credit for putting it online.

When Corinne made these Maca Pancakes for our class they were an instant hit. We were all clamouring for another serving of her incredible creation. I have never had a raw pancake that so convincingly emulates the flavours and textures of this traditional breakfast staple. When I had my first bite of my homemade batch I was ecstatic to have recreated her memorable dish.
If you’re not a pancake fan, what about some Cinnamon Toast?

All of my childhood breakfast memories are served with cinnamon. To this day, I find it very comforting to wake up to that spice’s aroma wafting through my home.

When I saw Deanna’s Raw Cinnamon Toast recipe I quickly collected the ingredients and filled my dehydrator with a few special slices. In the morning, my apartment smelled like a bakery. I topped my toast with almond butter and bananas – my very favourite comfort food combination!

If you’re still not looking forward to bouncing out of bed, can I entice you with a Cookie Dough Blizzard?

When I came across Angela‘s post about her nostalgic love for the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard it sparked my own desire to relive those childhood trips to the Queen (without the Dairy). I’m not suggesting that you should eat a blizzard for breakfast but the ingredients of this remake are more reminiscent of a bowl of fruit and granola than anything more decadent.

I simplified Angela’s amazing recipe to suit what I had on hand so check her post for the original brilliance.
1/2 cup raw cashews
1/2 cup rolled oats
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp vanilla bean powder
1/2 tsp cinnamon
2 TBSP maple syrup
1/4 cup raw chocolate chips (or whatever you have on hand)
In your blender, blend the cashews into flour. Pour into a medium bowl. In your blender, blend the oats into a flour and add to the medium bowl. Add the remaining ingredients to the bowl. Stir to combine. Roll the batter into tiny balls. Allow to firm in your freezer.
2 frozen bananas
In your food processor, blend the bananas until a creamy, ice cream consistency is achieved. For extra blizzard-like goodness, add 2 TBSP of the prepared cookie dough balls and pulse to incorporate.
I’m not going to stop visiting Live – but on those days when I want to stay in my pjs a little bit longer I look forward to reliving these magnificent meals.
Do you have any favourite brunch recipes? Are there any special foods you save to savour on the weekend?

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