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May 17th, 2011 · Lisa · restaurant review, Review · Comments

I was lying in bed a couple of weeks ago when I got a text message from my brother, “Have you been to Mylk Uncookies?”

The fantastic espresso bar had been on my radar since they opened in December. I had heard raves about their coffee (they stock Social) and tales of terrific raw, vegan desserts. And yet, I had never made the trip.

“I stopped in there this week and it made me think of you”. (We like this brother ?)

With that statement, a visit to Mylk Uncookies moved from potential to planned.

On Sunday, a dreary, drizzly day in Toronto, the plan was put into motion. Nicole and Ashley, two ladies who can certainly brighten anyone’s grey afternoon, agreed to join me for a warm drink and a cool treat.

Mylk Uncookies makes their own almond milk in-house. In order to truly experience and honour that additional effort I ordered a latte. The espresso was bold but very smooth. The almond milk added a perfect richness to each sip.

Nicole and Ashley both ordered tea lattes. Nicole’s spicy Chai Latte selection did have me second guess my order, but, by then I was already seduced by the idea of an espresso.

In Toronto you can find almond milk and soy milk lattes at many cafes and restaurants but Mylk Uncookies’ stunning array of raw and vegan desserts certainly sets them apart.

I spent a lot of time starring at these tiny delights (you know me and tiny desserts!). For the first few minutes I was trying to get over the shock of having so many choices. Then came the challenge of making a selection – being a mostly raw, vegan I’m a bit out of practice with picking from a list of menu option. Finally, we did the only reasonable thing to do in a situation like this – decided to share so we could sample them all.

We caught up on each others’ adventures between bites of raw cacao ginger macaroon, raw lucuma cookie and raw cheesecake with strawberry coulis.

Ashley and Nicole both favoured the cheesecake and I especially adored the little lucuma cookie.
On my way home, meandering across busy city streets on the streetcar, watching the rain drops roll down the window, I felt really lucky.
I often praise the vegan selections in other cities and plan excursions to places like New York to sample the splendour. An afternoon at Mylk Uncookies with two wonderful women made me take another look at what I have right here, at home.
Do you find yourself forgetting to visit the special spots in your home town? Where do you take friends when they visit to show off all your city has to offer?

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