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I know the word vegan is getting a lot of press these days (and it makes me very happy) but there are still lots of people in my life who can’t imagine what a vegan actually eats.

It is often hard for us to comprehend what it is like to live the lifestyles of others – which is why travel is so enlightening. Habits and routines can seem odd or even scary to someone experiencing it for the first time. Having a tour guide or a helpful friend along the way can open your eyes to a delightful surprise and even change your perspective forever.

When most people say MILK, they mean cow’s milk.

When I say Milk I could mean:
Yes, I ? Almond Milk & Cashew Milk Brazil Nut Milk & Oat Milk & Hazelnut Milk & Sesame Seed Milk & Pumpkin Seed Milk & Quinoa Milk & Banana Milk & Hemp Milk & Coconut Milk!
Veganism isn’t limiting. There is a whole big world of plant-based ingredients to explore.
My Basic Milk Recipe:
Combine your chosen base ingredient with water. I usually use a 1:3 or 1:4 ratio depending on how thick I want the milk to be. For rich dessert recipes you may want to go with a 1:2 ratio for extra creaminess. Add a pinch of salt and sweeten to taste.
The only exception being banana milk. I add just 2 TBSP of water to a ripe banana and blend. It is amazing on cereal!
My favourite milk for cereal and smoothies:
Soak 1/2 cup almonds for four-eight hours. Drain and rinse the nuts. In a blender combine nuts with 2 cups of water. Blend until smooth. Strain the milk using layered cheesecloth in a metal sieve or a nut milk bag. Reserve the nut pulp. Return the milk to the blender and add a pinch of salt, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract and 1 large medjool date (pitted). Blend until smooth. Store the milk in your fridge for up to 5 days.
Creative combos to mix up your milk:
Hazelnut milk + cacao powder + cayenne pepper + ginger + agave
Brazil nut milk + orange juice + orange zest + cardamom + dates
Banana + cinnamon + clove + cardamom + maple syrup
Cashews + lavender + agave
When I use Flour it comes from:
Why stick with grain flours when there are so many other interesting ingredients to blend up and enjoy. I find I feel best when I stick with whole foods, so I tend to avoid refined flours.
Instead, I rely on whole food flours – ground up in my blender.
I eat Coconut Flour OR Quinoa Flour OR Chickpea Flour OR Flax Meal OR Cashew Flour OR Buckwheat Flour OR Oat Flour ORWalnut Flour OR Hazelnut Flour OR Almond Flour
Sometimes different recipes use the terms flour, pulp and meal interchangeably which can be very confusing. To keep things clear in my recipes, I use:
Nut/Seed Meal – to refer to whole nuts or seeds ground into a fine crumb
Nut/Seed/Coconut Pulp – to refer to the leftover fiber that remains after straining a milk
Nut/Seed Flour – to refer to the fine flour made from ground, dehydrated nut pulp
I know so many people who experienced a new passion for cooking after becoming vegan. I think learning about food systems and reading labels can quickly spark a desire to educate yourself about how to make fantastic, nourishing food at home. Speaking of which, I’ll be back with a recipe using some of these special flours very soon.

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