Wicked Watermelon Slushie

July 15th, 2011 · Lisa · gluten-free, nut-free, raw, Recipes, Snacks, sugar-free · Comments
What says summer more than slushies, slurpies, icees and popsicles?

I spend most of the year trying to avoid frost and ice but in July, when Toronto turns up the humidity, all I want is a chilled glass of something sweet to quench my thirst.

On Monday, I ran for almost two hours, after work. The sun was still high in the sky and the temperature was hanging out in mid thirties (that’s 95 degrees to you Fahrenheit folks). It wasn’t the smartest workout I’ve ever planned, but I refuelled with a huge glass of frozen watermelon slushie and by the time it disappeared so did any sign of exhaustion.

If you weren’t trying to rehydrate with this slushie, adding a little vodka to the mix would make it an amazing addition to an adult patio party (that would be wicked awesome – yes, I’m still trying to bring that back).

Watermelon Slushie

adapted from Kathy’s version

2 cups frozen watermelon
juice 1/2 lime
1 ripe banana, peeled (not frozen)
Place everything in a blender and let it blend.
I strongly suggest you invest in a huge watermelon this weekend. Cut it up into little pieces and store it in your freezer until you need to satisfy a serious craving for something frosty. But why wait for it to develop when you can create the need yourself? Go for a run, walk, or swim, and a slushie craving will surely follow.
While you’re stocking up on watermelons, if you happen to come across some beautiful berries, pick up a pint. The recipe I promised for these Napoleons is now online.

You can keep it simple with the double strawberry version or mix it up by adding some blueberries instead.

You can find the recipe for these Beautiful Berry Napoleon on One Green Planet
Happy Wicked Watermelon Weekend!

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