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August 8th, 2011 · Lisa · book review, Review · Comments

Do you know children who approach a bowl of salad with this much enthusiasm?

Would you like to change that?

Then let me introduce you to MamaPea. A women who has been sharing her fantastic family-friendly meals with the blogosphere for years. Although her recipes are amazing, after a visit to her blog you’ll soon find yourself routing for Gigi to be recognized as a prima ballerina, for Lulu to establish a global pickle fund to make sure the supplies remain stable and for Pea Daddy to win a gift certificate to Tommy Bahama or the Apple Store (I know, the iPad still eludes you). MamaPea is smart, funny, and equally full of hilarious family stories and recipes that will have your friends clamouring for dinner party invitations.

I never miss a post. In fact I savour them like an after dinner treat. In the quiet of my condo MamaPea‘s busy days of dance parties, dress-up shenanigans and potty-training look like a lot of fun, at least from my well-rested vantage point.

Speaking of treats, did I mention that MamaPea recently published her first cookbook? I already bought three copies and lucky for you at the end of this review there is a chance for you to win your very own.

The recipes in Peas and Thank You are meant to please the palates of picky pint-sized eaters, but that doesn’t mean they won’t also impress the more mature diners at your table. I personally enjoyed everything I tried but I wanted to put this book to the test with my more finicky food friends: the niece and nephews.

This summer has been one long pool party at my brother’s place and all that splashing requires some significant fuel. I baked some Pumpkin-Spice Roasted Chickpeas, an amazing protein-packed snack from MamaPea. The sweet coating kept everyone coming back for handful after handful until they disappeared.

Well, I thought they disappeared until I discovered this secret stash.
Someone wanted to be sure he had a sizeable stockpile – and he wasn’t sharing.

Powered by chickpeas these little fish spent another couple of hours showing off their enthusiasm for endurance sports, a.k.a. life.

Seriously, if anyone wanted to debate the caloric adequacy of a vegan diet I challenge you to chase these four around for the afternoon.

They’re cute and the best personal trainers I’ve ever had (well, Toby, the yellow lab, is up there for intensity but not longevity).

Next up we enjoyed a treat that has become MamaPea’s most famous speciality: Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls. That title doesn’t sound sensational to me but if the name doesn’t sell you the first bite of these little balls will have you reassessing all previous desserts on your deliciousness scale.

I think Sebastian had four and Callista said “Auntie Lisa you make the best food“. Why, thank you MamaPea!

Keagan couldn’t get enough. After consuming a couple of dough balls he was left wanting more.
Even though he tried to save some of the chocolate for later.

Although a dinner buffet of dough balls probably crossed the minds of many in attendance, we opted for a BBQ buffet that included a Huge Jass Salad, grilled corn, Nature Burgers and these Better Than Ever Black Bean Burgers. We’re a bean loving bunch so topped with ketchup and mustard or guacamole and salsa MamaPea’s burgers were enjoyed by all.

A great meal full of healthful ingredients gives you the energy you need to take on the world.

or to invent a new sport, like Keagan’s, soon-to-be-YouTube-phenomenon, naked hula hooping.

I also made a big batch of MamaPeas’ Blueberry Streusel Muffins, they were devoured the next morning so I didn’t get a photo, but they did bake up beautifully with a wonderful moist texture.

When I was talking to my sister-in-love about feeding her active brood a vegan diet she said her biggest challenge is having snacks that replace the treats they’re used to, particularly granola bars. So I turned to MamaPea, and found the answer on page 94, these Chewy Energy Barsare exactly the texture I was hoping for.

I admit I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of Peas and Thank You. I knew that I would love the recipes, but I couldn’t wait to read more of MamaPea’s stories and see the photos shot by Ashley. MamaPea is a brilliant, engaging writer and as my Mom says “sooooo beautiful”. I think this book has great potential to empower parents to think differently about feeding their families. Based on the reactions I received, I think it is a very worthwhile investment.

Before you go, if you’d like a chance to win Peas and Thank You (and you live in Canada), then leave a comment below with your favourite kid-friendly meal. The winner will be picked at random on Friday, August 12.

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