Vegan MoFo Day 5: Kombucha Sangria

October 5th, 2011 · Lisa · gluten-free, raw, Recipes, Snacks, vegan mofo · Comments

We’ve made it to day five and after a few days away I’m back in town and ready to continue the foodfest!

I’m delighted that you enjoyed the tiny cheesecakes and nut cheese spread (I updated the probiotic information in Monday’s post). Today’s suggestion is on the simpler side, making it a perfect option for a midweek party.

If the party you’re attending has a number of other vegans on the guest list then you’re guaranteed to find some fabulous food, so why not focus on a beautiful beverage to round-out the offerings. Many of my favourite holiday fests have a crock pot of mulled wine or apple cider simmering in the corner. I love the warming aroma of cinnamon that fills the room and encourages everyone to pick up a mug.

Since Toronto is still holding onto sunshine and summer temperatures I created a flavourful mocktail that would bridge the seasons. A cool glass of sangria filled with warming fall flavours like ginger and plum.

Sangria is ideal for a potluck as the flavours need time to meld together. You can make a big jug of this sangria the night before the party and by the time you pour that first glass each bite of fruit will be infused with ginger.

As a weeknight offering this recipe provides just a touch of alcohol (0.05%), enough to give me a lovely blush, but not enough to effect my alertness at morning meetings.

Weeknight Socialite Sangria (serves 4) (inspired by Mimi Kirk)
1 bottle kombucha – GT Synergy Gingerade (or any brand you prefer)
juice of 1 orange
1 cup of red grapes sliced in half
1 sweet red plum sliced thin

Optional additions: club soda, apple slices, nectarine slices, clove (remove before serving), cinnamon, grated ginger

Fill a large jug with kombucha, orange juice, slices of plum and red grapes. Add in any of the optional elements you desire. Allow to sit overnight with a loose fitting lid.

The variations on this recipe are endless. Find your favourite kombucha flavour and start to experiment.

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