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India: Delicious Delhi and Awe-Inspiring Agra

I’m sitting in my borrowed bedroom in Bangkok, looking out at the sun rising over the city’s skyscrapers. From this perspective my days in Delhi already feel like a dream. It was all such a whirlwind of wonder. Saturday I spent the day with a curious crowd at Nandita’s session on Reversing Diabetes. After nine […]

India: Delirious and Delighted in Delhi

The morning after I arrived in Delhi I received a phone call from Mayank (from India Habitat Centre). His voice greeted me with such a sense of warmth and excitement. He was waiting outside my host’s flat with a car to whisk me off for a tour of Delhi. I could definitely get used to […]

India: Magical Mumbai

Mumbai is so magical it can turn fifty people into one hundred people in the blink of an eye.At least that is how it felt to me. When I went to bed on Tuesday night our demo registrations were at 50 – by the time I walked to the event space the next morning we […]

India: Monkeying around Mumbai

Hello all! I’m in Delhi now and just dropping in to catch you all up on the adventure. Nanditaand I are still going strong. We’ve taken our tour through Auroville, Bangalore, Gokarna and now Mumbai. Just one more event to go…but let’s rewind to Monday: That morning I went to meet the team behind Vegan […]

India: Marvelling at Menus, Maps and Mutts in Mumbai

The moments I spent at SwaSaraare now a memory. Swimming laps in the sunshine, lounging in the library and hiking in the hills…bliss.But even more wonderful than the scenery was the staff that really bring this place to life. Because I was providing talks and demos I enjoyed lots of opportunities to interact with the […]

India: Glorious Gokarna

My journey across this spectacular sub-continent continues. After my second demo in Bangalore, we grabbed our bags and jumped into a taxi. The traffic, as always, added the element of adrenaline to the trip. We reached the gate just in time and started boarding a few minutes later. Things I love about Indian airports: 1. […]

A Break in Bangalore

When I used to travel for work, people would often ask “What is X city like?” and the only honest response I could give was, “The meetings rooms look pretty much the same in hotels and conference centres everywhere”. If you had asked me Friday night what I thought of Bangalore, I would have said […]

India – From A to B

I finally moved on from the ease of  Auroville to bustling Bangalore. It has been quite a journey. Before leaving Auroville, in an attempt to leave a lasting impression, I gave a raw food demo on Wednesday night for an enthusiastic audience. I’m sure I’ll be remembered as the cashew lady. The team at SHARANworked tirelessly by […]

India: Prepping and presenting plants

Today is my last day in Auroville. Tomorrow I hit the road for Bangalore.It has been a busy week. I’m amazed how quickly I’ve adapted to a new routine. I need to play a bit of catch-up since my camera decided that it was simply too humid for photography and took a break. After two […]

India: How many vegans could you live with?

Hello again from Auroville!  Now that I’m starting to get over the fact that I’m actually in India, I’m able to actually absorb more about my surroundings. I’m totally enamoured with Auroville. It is a community established in 1968 as an experiment in realizing human unity. It was endorsed by UNESCO as a project important […]

India: Shake, Rattle and Roll

I’m in India! I’ve been shaken in my bed by thunder and lightening, I’ve been rattled by the intensity of the traffic here, I’m learning to roll with it all. I started the epic journey on Emirates. What a wonderful airline! Even though I was sitting in economy I felt like I was in first […]