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New Zealand: Plant-Powered Tramping*

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing has been named one of the world’s best walks. Each year, thousands of hikers pull themselves over the devil’s staircase, across the black vistas covered in lava bombs toward the sulphur-scented emerald lakes. It sounds like something out of a fantasy film, doesn’t it? Peter Jackson thought so too. The dramatic […]

New Zealand: The advantages of altruism

Aloha all! I just landed in Honolulu, thanks to the wonderful Andrea, I was whisked away to pick up some fresh produce and then delivered to my hotel in Waikiki. I still can’t believe I’m here. Tonight, as I settle into another city and admire my last passport stamp on this journey, I’m finding it […]

Australia: More Magic Moments in Melbourne

Vegie Bar, Yong Green Food & Loving Earth in Melbourne

Australia: Magic Moments in Melbourne

Vegie Bar, Shakahari, Trippy Taco, & Gasometer in Melbourne

Australia: MELBOURNE

Top of the day from down under.Or, should I say, “g’day love/mate, how you going?” I’m enjoying my last day in Melbourne and realized how much I have to fill you all in on. Melbourne is a city with layers. There are large parades, long streets, and secret lane ways to discover. I’ve had twelve […]

Australia: About four days in Sydney

I hoped you’ve missed me as much as I’ve missed all of you.Australia is known for a great many things: the outback, the beaches, the banter… But it is not known for widely-available wifi. It has been a challenge to find places to connect. I could complain but instead of sitting down to scroll through […]

Indonesia: Three Fantastic Finds

Big Tree Farms, Green School & Tasty Vegan in Bali

Indonesia: Bali’s Bounty

Happy New Year everyone!I hope that for all of you 2012 brings great moments of hope, joy and absolute hilarity. Travel has certainly reminded me of the value of humour. I have now arrived in Sydney, Australia! It was a very long new years eve spent in the airport but now I’m here and very, […]