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My Thoroughly Tested Travel Tips

As many of you know, I just returned from over three months of traveling through India, Thailand, Bali, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii. Some of you have emailed me about your upcoming adventures. I’m so excited for all you! I know that travel seems really luxurious and wonderful to all your friends at home. But […]

An epic post on my epic adventure

This morning I walked past the CN tower for the first time since October. I live across the street from this iconic site and usually circle it every single day, so the moment I traipsed across that familiar path I felt at home. For those of you who have followed my journey from that first […]

Hawaii: I ? Kaua’i

Embrace the detours. ~ Scott Cameron On a long trip, as in life, it is impossible to plan every second. Along the way, opportunities arise and detours are discovered. Kaua’i, Hawaii’s garden island, was outside of my original itinerary, but with five days at the end of my trip available for exploring I jumped at the […]

ALOHA from Oahu

Aloha Pumehana my friends. I’m enjoying the refuge of my vacation rental (watching old episodes of Gilmore Girls) while a massive storm brews outside. Mother Nature has made quite an investment in the green vistas of Kaua’i since I arrived here on Sunday. The rain hasn’t stopped me from exploring the island but the strong […]

New Zealand: Hector’s Herbivore Heaven

Hector’s in Auckland

New Zealand: My Must-See in NZ

Aloha all! It has now been three months since I’ve seen my apartment. I have one demo, four flights and nine days to go before I step back into my regular routine.It has been an amazing adventure, especially because I’ve had all of you reading and encouraging me along the way. I can’t tell you […]