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This morning I walked past the CN tower for the first time since October. I live across the street from this iconic site and usually circle it every single day, so the moment I traipsed across that familiar path I felt at home. For those of you who have followed my journey from that first 15-hour flight to today’s post, all I can say is that your support means the world. There were days on this trip when a warm message from home turned everything around. You will never know what your notes of encouragement have done for me. Please accept my heart-felt “Thank you!”Now that I’m back in Canada I’ve jumped back into my day job and will start saving up my vacation days for my next epic adventure (I don’t have any big plans yet). I’ve been making notes along the way of the projects I want to tackle in 2012 so stay tuned for lots of fun and delicious treats coming your way.Since I’ve been home, people have been asking “what was your favourite moment of the trip?”

Could you tell me the best moment you experienced in the last 105 days? Tough, right?Well, in an attempt to respond to those inquiring minds – and before I get to stuck to my swivel chair or sucked into spreadsheets –  I wanted to take a minute to share some magical moments I remember from the road and my gratitude for the people who made it all possible.India

Most Memorable Moments:

1. Watching 100 people stream into my demo in Mumbai. They were filming that day and we had only prepped food for 50. I somehow got the crowd into doing stretches while I pulsed things in my food processor which was hilarious to watch. The group’s enthusiasm gave me the energy I needed to have fun through the chaos.

2. My Taj Trip. When Mayank picked me up at 3:30 am with a van packed full of vegan snacks, a blanket and a plan to make sure I saw all the sights in Agra I was overwhelmed. I felt so incredibly cared for in the moment.

Best Meal: A impromptu raw dinner at Mala‘s home in Delhi. I’m still craving sliced oranges sprinkled with hot spices.

Thank you: SHARAN, Nandita, Alyssa, Kwynn, Tumvi, Laura, Millie, Archie, Joes, Minny, Monica, Rithika, Vegan Bites, Mala, Mayank, Shauna, and Manesh


Most Memorable Moment: 
1. Seeing the elephants for the first time. Spending a week at the Elephant Nature Parknear Chiang Mai – was one of the best decision I made in 2011. The first moments after arriving at the park, standing at the feeding platform and watching the elephants gather round will stay in my heart forever.

Best Meal: Eating my way through May Kaidee’s cooking class with my Jennifer. We were starving when we arrived at the farm so that first sesame-infused bite of hummus was heaven.

Thank you: Jennifer, Darrick, Mark, Beck, Jess, Emily, Nicki, Leo, Kevin, Ed, Nicole and Bob.


Most Memorable Moments: 
1. Watching the sun set over the rice fields. I’m a sucker for a big pink sky.

2. Yoga in a tree house on Christmas Day.

Best Meal: No question, my Fivelements lunch. It was a moment of peaceful elegance during a tough couple of days. Chef Made is amazing.

Thank you: Lai, Made, Carolyn and Big Tree Farm


Most Memorable Moments:

1. Picnic in the vineyard after wine tasting. The sun was shining, I was relaxing on a plaid blanket with hummus, warm bread and a good friend. That’s the life!

2. My Beck-planned day in Sydney. Having a great friend show-off their city is the best way to discover all the special spots.

Best Meals: A toss up between the fruit platter I created with Hannah(my long-lost soul mate) and

and brunch at Monk Bodhi Dharma with the couple from In the Mood for Noodles, who incidentally are the most incredibly food-scene ambassador’s I’ve ever encountered. I really hope Melbourne tourism finds a way to employ them.

Thank you: Arlene, Beck, Joy, Mandee, Kristin, Toby, Hannah, Mark, Ryan, Doran, Loving Earth

New Zealand

Most Memorable Moment: 

The entire day of my Tongaririo Alpine Crossing. I loved every muscle-straining second!

Best Meal: Hectors! The whole experience just felt special. Each dish was carefully crafted and presented with poise. The flavours were interesting and diverse and I got to share it all with a table full of great new friends.

Thank you: Prem, Rajen, Indra, Jessica, Peter, Rene, Lorraine, Ron, Theresa, Little Bird Organics


Most Memorable Moment:

1. Reaching the beach on the Na Pali Coast

Best Meal: My last lunch on Kauai, a beautiful plate of local fruit, quinoa, ginger and macadamia nuts prepared by Ellen. Although, the late dinner Andrea and I pulled together was a close second but it didn’t include whale watching so…

Thank you: Andrea, Ori Ann, Wayne, Mark, Ellen, Lisa, Doug

The journey feels pretty immense when you try to pack it all into one post.

Somehow over the miles I managed to stay healthy (no stomach aches, cold or flus), avoid jet lag and hold on to every piece of luggage I packed.

I came home with more freckles, more confidence and more love for the world and everyone who inhabits it than when I left.

I know the freckles will fade but I hope the other two souvenirs are here to stay.

Although, I’m back playing in my kitchen and creating fun recipes again, I do have a few travel-tip posts and reviews to write before I forget all the great things I discovered and the lessons I learned along the way.


Great gratitude to: Brenda, Jerry, Jill, Christy, Pramen, Alini, Michelle, Wayne, Dan, Reg and my Mom.


  1. Jerryraw1
    Posted May 16, 2012 at 6:03 am

    Aloha… Happy to know you and have you as my friend… 🙂 

  2. Posted May 26, 2012 at 5:43 pm

    Great, great post!–what a time you must have had! I hope to have an adventure like this myself one day 🙂 Love, love, love that picture of the elephants, so, SO much–and the pic of you raising your arms up in the air made me smile <3

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