the best naked chickpea hummus?

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I like getting gold stars. This isn’t my favourite Lisa-quality, but it has driven me to experience some pretty incredible personal journeys and, as it turns out, some really good hummus.The other day I saw a link to an Article by Ruth Reichl on How to Make Better Hummus. As a vegan, I’ve always felt compelled to take on the mission to excel at bean dips. I mean, it is expected that I will show up at potlucks, picnics and marathon meetings with some kind of creamy, chickpea-based creation.When Ruth said she could show me how to make my humble hummus even better, I listened.

If you haven’t read the article (spoiler alert), Ruth’s secret to better hummus is…naked chickpeas.

She whole heartedly endorses taking the time to pop those handsome hummus makers out of their slippery skins. Why, you may ask, would someone painstakingly pop cups of chickpeas out of their skins?


That’s the difference. Naked chickpeas make the smoothies, creamiest, richest hummus you can imagine.

And I’m just the kind of girl who is willing to treat my chickpeas to an overnight soak, then take the time to gently coax each one out of its skin. I followed Ruth’s instructions to the letter, which included employing some tunes to keep the monotonous task less mind-numbing. It is amazing how a little Flight of the Conchords can keep you smiling until you have a cup and a half of perfect peas.

I would agree with Ruth, that her recipe makes hummus that rivals what is served in most Lebanese restaurants (at least the ones I’ve visited). The simple ingredient list lets the texture itself star. I definitely felt like I had achieved the original objective…this is pretty great hummus (Gold Star, Ruth!)

But…I don’t know if this hummus is really “better” than some of my other favourites. I love hummus because it provides a wonderful foundation upon which to add great flavours. I like the traditional, garlic-lemon-cumin, version but I also adore the interesting additions that you can combine to create something quite spectacular.

Some of my favourite variations include:

Healthy Hatha Hummus

Hippie Hummus

Hot Hummus with Basil

Sweet Potato Hummus

I think it might be time for a Hum-off. Would you be willing to peel your chickpeas for a chance at a gold star?

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