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At a time when everyone seems to be filled with feelings of gratitude and a penchant for gift giving, I’d like to tell you about a special present that made my year. The heightened sense of celebration may have been partly due to the months and months of growing anticipation. When Isa Does It arrived on my doorstep I knew the wait had been worth it. It is big, beautiful and full of the appetizing images of photographic genius, v. k. rees.

Just a quick flip through this gorgeous tome and you’ll remember why Isa has long been hailed the culinary guru of vegan cuisine. This book, unlike her recent subject specific ones, provides recipes designed to make your everyday delicious. The flavours are bold and globally-inspired, but the ingredients are available in your neighbourhood and the techniques are easy to master.

As I turn the pages and ponder the choices, I take to reminiscing about my first few recipe attempts from Vegnomicon – and how that book, and those meals have become a core of my own repertoire but also the steadfast favourites of my family and friends. I’m pretty sure everyone I know now has a copy. After a few weeks of playing with Isa’s newest book, I have no doubt it will become my a “must-have” recommendation for your vegan cookbook collection, and the book most often unwrapped by my loved ones.

As you would expect from the seemingly never-ending awesomeness of Isa Chandra Moskowitz, this book is filled with humour, inspired sections (e.g., vegan butchery) and new mantras for the movement (e.g.,”always be soaking”). And believe me, I would buy Isa’s book just for the headnotes, but the real gift of this collection of recipes is the delicious, nourishing meals it will bring to your table.

Here are some of the few recipes I picked out to try:

bowlJust like Isa (and a whole lot of other vegans) my favourite meal is a well composed bowl. When I saw her recipe for a Roasty Soba Bowl with Miso-Tahini Dressing, I knew it would become a frequent favourite. Simple and so satisfying.
bread Next up, a loaf of Marbled Banana Bread. I’ve already impressed a few new friends with the fantastic flavour and beautiful chocolate swirls of this twist on the tea-time classic. If you need a hostess gift or a favour…I suggest you bake up a few, and share the love.

Snow has arrived in Toronto (we’re still just at the sprinkling stage) so settling in for the evening with a bowl of Red Lentil Thai Chili has felt like a perfect plan. This chili curbs the heartier appetite that seems to appear along with the colder weather and the incredible Thai flavours turns up the heat just enough to warm you up from the inside out.

Then there was the day I started with the Muffin Pan Mini Omelets (topped here salsa and avocado). That was one glorious day. These are the perfect size to make into a breakfast sandwich, layered inside an english muffin with something saucy. Baking omelets in a muffin pan is the ideal answer for brunch menus everywhere! saladFinally, I tired the kale salad. Of course, I did. I don’t believe I can’t get a new cookbook that contains a kale salad and not give it a go. But once again, Isa takes my simple staple supper and makes it into something truly spectacular. Her recipe combines roasted butternut squash, lentils and a wonderful Dijon dressing that elevates this dish to something I would make for a dinner party, rather than the usual combo I stir together in my get-home-late-5-mins-to-kale routine.

So with that, all I can truly say is, if you or a vegan you know doesn’t have a copy of this book…that is a situation that needs to be rectified. Simply…buy this book for everyone you know. It is the best way to ensure you will have a delicious 2014. I plan to make every single recipe before this time next year. Let me know if you’d like to be on the tasting team.

Order your copy today and feed all your friends something awesome this holiday season.

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