Toronto’s Best Vegan Restaurant Dishes – 2015

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If you’re thinking of visiting Toronto for the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival or the Toronto International Film Festival (or both…Natalie Portman I presume), you may be starting your research into Toronto’s best vegan eats. This post is contains an updated list of city’s 100 best vegan offering for 2015 (you can find the 2014 post here).

The vegan food scene in Toronto has really exploded in recent years. When I compiled this list last year HappyCow listed 127 vegetarian restaurants, now we’re at 156! That’s an amazing number of veg establishments but it doesn’t truly tell the story of what this city has to offer. To find the amazing dishes hidden in restaurant menus across the city you have to turn to a dedicated group of passionate plant-based eaters, excited to share their secrets.

The 2015 list includes many of our 2014 favourites. I’ve removed restaurants that have closed. And in order to stay relevant I had to add all the exciting new vegan ventures that have opened in the last year like our vegan butcher, vegan pub and vegan pizza parlour. I have highlighted the 24 new additions to the list with an asterisk.

Hibiscus Salad Sampler

Toronto’s Vegan 100 is a curated list of unbelievable vegan dishes suggested by discerning local vegans who shared their favourite dishes, memorable meals and unforgettable finds.

Toronto’s Vegan 100
1. Apiecalypse Now Pizza and Snack Bar’s BBQ Buffalobotomy Pizza*
2. Apiecalypse Now’Pizza and Snack Bar’s Mozzarella sticks *
3. The Atlantic Vegan Tasting Menu
4. Bahn Mi Boys’ Tofu Tacos
5. Belmonte Raw’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Thimble
6. The Beet’s Grilled Cheese with Apple Butter (with Daiya)
7. The Beet‘s Vegan Mac n’ Cheese
8. Bloomer’s Reuben (with a side of deep-fried pickles)*
9. Bloomer‘s Pulled Jackfruit Sandwich*
10. Boreal Gelato‘s Vegan Salted Caramel
11. Boreal Gelato‘s Strawberry Sorbetto
12. Buddha’s Vegetarian‘s General Tao’s Chicken
13. Bunner’s Cinnamon Buns
14. Bunner’s Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin
15. Bunner’s Soft Serve Cones (go for the swirl)*
16. Cardinal Rule’s Latkes*
17. Canoe’s Vegan Tasting Menu
18. Café 668’s Vegetarian Pho
19. Cafe Belong‘s 5 Course Vegan Dinner*
20. ChocoSol Traders’ bike blended Xocolatl
21. Cut the Cheese’s Harvest Grilled Cheese with Butternut Squash and Caramelized Onions (with Diaya)
22. D-Beastro‘s S’mores Bar*
23. Depanneur‘s Wednesday Drop-in Dinners*
24. Disgraceland’s Vegan Butter Chicken Burrito
25. Earth and City’s Vanilla Bean Macaroon
26. E. L. Ruddy‘s Vegan Omelette Platter*
27. Ethiopiques’ Vegetarian Platter
28. Fresh‘s Ace of Kales Salad
29. Fresh’s Panko Crusted Squash Tacos
30. Fresh‘s Picnic Burger
31. Fresh’s Green Poutine*
32. Grasshopper’s Chick-un Bahn Mi
33. Grasshopper’s Rice Poppers*
34. Grasslands‘ Guacamole Grilled Cheese
35. Grasslands’ Snickerdoodle French Toast
36. Greenhouse Juice’s pink milk
37. Green Earth’s Authentic Hue Noodle Soup
38. Greens Vegetarian’s Lemon Chicken
39. Greens Vegetarian‘s Sweet and Sour Mock Chicken
40. Hawker Bar’s Vegan Laksa
41. Hello Darling‘s Chickpea Scramble
42. Hello Darling‘s Mushroom Wellington
43. Hibiscus’ Ice Cream (especially earl grey or black sesame or pistachio)
44. Hibiscus’ Salad Sampler
45. Hogtown Vegan‘s Fried Apple Pie
46. Hogtown Vegan‘s Fries Supremacy
47. Hogtown Vegan’s Philly “Cheesesteak”
48. Hogtown Vegan‘s Unchicken & Waffles
49. Hogtown Vegan’s Shitake Fried Clams*
50. Ital Vital’s Bbq Gluten
51. Jean’s Vegetarian Kitchen‘s Malaysian Curry
52. Jerusalem’s Vegetarian Dinner
53. Just Falafel’s Indian Falafel Wrap
54. Khao San Road’s Vegan Three Flavours Pad Thai
55. King’s Cafe‘s Kung Po Soy-Fritters
56. Kingyo’s 9 Course Shojin Buddhist Monk Meal
57. Korean bi bim bap stone bowl riceteria’s Mushroom Bi Bim Bap
58. Kupfert and Kim’s Oaxaca bowl
59. Live Organic Food Bar’s French Toast
60. Live Organic Food Bar’s Pulled Burdock Burrito
61.  Live Organic Food Bar’s Raw Joe Louie
62. Magic Oven’s Tropical Magic Pizza
63. Maha’s Foule and Falafel Combo*
64. Mean Bao‘s Tofu and Enoki Mushroom Bao*
65. Nazareth’s Vegetarian Platter
66. One Love Vegetarian’s Corn Soup
67. One Love Vegetarian‘s Pumpkin Chana Potato Roti
68. Pleasantville Creamery‘s Pints (flavours change monthly)*
69. Porterhouse’s Lentil and Ale Pasty*
70. Porterhouse’s BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich*
71. The Public Kitchen’s Triple Decker Brunch Club
72. The Public Kitchen‘s Vegan Benedict
73. Disgraceland‘s Ribwich dinner
74. Ryus Noodle Bar‘s Vegetable Miso Potage
75. Sneaky Dee’s Vegan Burro Favorito
76. The Steady‘s Vegan Eggs Benny
77. Superfood Eateries’ Granola Parfait
78. South Indian Dosa Mahal‘s Vegetable Masala Dosa
79. Sweets From the Earth‘s Chocolate Chewy Nut Bar
80. Sweets from the Earth’s Chocolate Pecan Caramel Bar
81. Sweets from the Earth‘s Cinnamon Apple Loaf
82. Sweets from the Earth‘s S’mores cupcakes
83. Sweet Olenka’s Chocolate Covered Coconut Ice Cream Pawpsicle*
84. Tabule’s Fattush Salad
85. Tori’s After Hour‘s Cheese Slab*
86. Tori’s After Hour‘s Gnocchi*
87. Tori’s Bakeshop’s Buttertart
88. Tori’s Bakeshop’s BLT sandwich with coconut bacon
89. Tori’s Bakeshop‘s Cake Doughnuts
90. Through Being Cool‘s Boston Cream Doughnut
91. Through Being Cool‘s Sandwich Special*
92. Through Being Cool’s Pizza Rolls
93. Through Being Cool‘s Soft Pretzels*
94. Udupi Palace’s Idli Manchurian*
95. Urban Herbivore’s Bbq Tofu Sandwich
96. Vegetarian Haven‘s Blueberry Pie Milkshake
97. Vegetarian Haven‘s Singapore Seitan
98. Vegetarian Haven’s Tofu Drumsticks
99. YamChops’ No Crab Crab Cakes*
100. YamChop‘s Chick*n Shawarma*

Tori's BakeshopDSC_0027

Through Being Cool Doughnuts

In order to make a top 100 list from all the amazing suggestions, I followed the following criteria:

  • No chain restaurants (a few locations in the city is okay but not something available in every city around the world)
  • Restaurant must be located in Toronto
  • Must be interesting/different/unique – I removed the numerous suggestions for tofu scrambles and bean burritos because so many restaurants do it so well and I wanted this list to be about those amazing unpredictable finds.
  • Yes, there are a few things on the list that are products rather than restaurant dishes (e.g. Sweets from the Earth products) but they are available in lots of cafes and some restaurants around the city.

Must mentions:
If you’re planing a trip to Toronto, may I suggest early September? This year is the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival‘s 31st anniversary. It is North America’s biggest vegetarian festival. You can join 40,000 like minded friends for free food, free demos and free entrance to an incredible cornucopia of the best vegan products on the market.

BlogTO just shared its own guide to eating vegan in Toronto. Do you agree with their suggestions?

If you’d like to contribute to the next edition of Toronto’s Vegan 100, let me know what you’d add in the comments. And, I’d love to know your score – I’m at 34, up 5 from last year’s 29. 


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