Oh She Glows Every Day Review

October 31st, 2016 · Lisa · book review, Review · Comments

Well hello everyone!

I hope you’re having the most amazing fall so far. I regret that it has been awhile since my last post but wow, parenting is busy!

My daughter is now 13 months old and is running around and getting in to everything. Oh the adventures she can have with a whisk in her hand and the ring of a tart pan dangling from her wrist. I’m loving spending my days with her but there is just never enough time to sit down and write while chasing that busy body around the house.


Speaking of the past year, this week DIY Vegan turned 1! To celebrate Nicole shared the outstanding chocolate cake recipe from the book with a new frosting recipe on her blog. That chocolate cake is incredibly reliable. I have been to parties where it was served and I served it as cupcakes at Isla’s 1st birthday. It bakes up so beautifully and always gets rave reviews. I suggest you give it a go.


Okay, on to the reason I sent my husband and daughter out for a walk, a cookbook review! I know all of you are already familiar with Angela Liddon. She has been delighting the tastebuds of blog readers for years. Her first book Oh She Glows hit all the bestseller lists. Lucky for us she poured her heart into another beautiful book, Oh She Glows Every Day which debuted in September.

I was sent a review copy and dived right in. This book is perfect for my current life situation – you know, no time for complicated recipes but in need of awesome, nourishing meals. Angela’s new book hits the mark, simple, satisfying solutions for your everyday eats.

I have given this book a very thorough test run.

Some of my favourite elements:

  • Lots of nut-free recipes! Isla (my daughter) has a severe peanut allergy. I can’t tell you how delighted I was to see recipes like Vanilla Super-Seed Granola, Sunflower Seed Butter and a seed-based parmesan.
  • Crowd pleasing desserts that you can make ahead. Angela did not include a lot of sweets in her last book but she has made up for it with a stellar selection of desserts in her new cookbook. The Nut-Free Dream Bars alone are worth buying the book.
  • Ingredient lists that don’t intimidate. When a recipe needs two pages to display the ingredients, I give up on it. I just can’t fathom having time for all that chopping or measuring. Oh She Glows Every Day keeps everything feeling manageable without skimping on flavour. I don’t know how she does it but this is why Angela has such a loyal and loving following. She’s something special.

Now, on to what I’ve tried.

Isla and I enjoyed matching bowls of Magical “Ice Cream” Smoothies. Anything with an ample amount of blueberries and she will gobble it up. This was a great treat on a busy morning.


I made a big batch of Homemade Sunflower Seed Butter. This consistency of this butter is perfect, not too dry and not too wet. It is a great staple recipe, but I saved my batch to turn into something sweet (see below).

I made a batch of Every Day Lemon-Garlic Hummus to pair with veggies and pita for an easy grazing lunch. It was garlicky but I’m not one to shy away from flavour. Isla enjoyed it too so two thumbs up.


For Isla’s birthday party (53 people showed up) I made two big bowls of the Crowd-Pleasing Caesar Salad. They were a big hit.


The biggest hit at our house so far has been the Fusilli Lentil-Mushroom Bolognese. We all LOVE this recipe. I have already added it (a few times) to our meal plan for November because it has been a few days and we’re craving it again already. I can’t believe I don’t have a picture to share but trust me, you should try this one.

A nice bowl of Soba Noodle Salad hit the spot for a weekend lunch. It came together quickly and was a nice switch up on our regular Saturday soup routine.

I made a couple of batches of the Chocolate-Dipped Vanilla Bean Macaroons to serve at Isla’s birthday party. One guest ate four of them. They are amazing! I loved that I could make them ahead and they freeze beautifully.


Finally, my personal favourite, the Nut-Free Dream Bars. I used the sunflower butter I made earlier in this rich, layered dessert. It is a show stopper! I forgot (ha ha) to serve these at the party so I found myself sneaking bites from the freezer for weeks. Oh, such wonderful weeks of sweetness.


So, that’s what I’ve tried so far. Not a disappointment in the bunch, but that is what we have all come to expect from Angela, reliable recipes. If you’re looking for ways to add some excitement to your everyday meals with a little extra nutritional boost this book is a must have. It has been a delicious addition to our regular repertoire already.

Thank you Angela!



Breakfast banana split & an eBook Sale!

Good morning friends!

I hope you’re all finding lovely ways to welcome the new season. Even though it snowed in Toronto over the weekend I am decidedly in the mindset of spring, imagining picnics at the farmers market and evening walks by the lake.

While I wait for the snow to melt and for the markets to move outside and the farmers to fill their tables with asparagus, fiddleheads and beautiful berries I am adding more fresh produce to my meals in any way I can.

This amazing breakfast banana split combines a few recipes from DIY Vegan with a bounty of fresh berries and a banana. It is a great bridge meal for those mornings when you still need warm cozy socks but the buds are coming out on all the trees and the birds are singing under your window. If you have the recipes made and on hand this is incredibly quick to pull together.

A friend of mine recently wrote on facebook that she tried Chocolate Buckwheat Crunch recipe and hasn’t been able to stop eating it ever since. I hope if you have a copy of DIY Vegan, you’ll flip to page 69 and give it a go.


Breakfast banana split


  • 1/2 cup Chocolate Buckwheat Crunch (recipe in DIY Vegan, page 69)
  • 1/4 cup Coconut Yogurt (recipe in DIY Vegan, page 45)
  • Half a banana
  • 1/2 cup of mixed fresh berries


  1. Combine all of the ingredients in a large bowl. For a fancy effect consider pipping the coconut yogurt using a star tip.

Ebook bundle sale

To celebrate spring, Nicole and I are sharing an amazing deal on our e-cookbooks. For just $9.99 (that’s 50% off!), you get all three—Tiny Treats, Edible Gifts, and DIY Delicious—to enjoy. That’s a total of 50 recipes! Find out more info about each ebook here, and click the “Add to cart” button below to take advantage of the deal. Hurry, because it’s only available for the next couple of weeks!

ebook bundle

Sriracha Mayo – DIY Vegan

February 23rd, 2016 · Lisa · DIY Vegan, gluten-free, Recipes, Savory · Comments

February?! How did that happen?

Honestly, with a new baby the days all kind of mush together into a haze of nursing, naps, diapers, singing about stars and spiders. I knew the days were passing but I definitely didn’t have a handle on how quickly they had gone by.

All of that to say, I’m a little behind in my posts and have lots to share. So, I’m going to try to get a bit more caught up in the coming weeks – I have some great recipes I’m dying to pass along to all of you.

Today is one of those days. I have an amazing mayo recipe that you just have to try. It is amazing because it uses that magical aqua faba that the internet is all abuzz about. If this is the first time you’ve heard the phrase aqua faba then do I have a treat for you! Aqua faba is the cutely coined term for the protein-packed water that results from cooking beans. The protein and starch in the water allows it to react to whipping and cooking much like an egg white. I’ve been playing with meringue, macrons and mayonnaise since discovering this transformational ingredient.

Back in September when DIY Vegan was about to come out, Nicole and I created an ebook of brand new recipes to share with our readers. This little eBook contains a few recipes that use the magic of aqua faba, including the Sriracha Mayo recipe that I’m sharing with you today. If you want to check out the rest of that eBook, called DIY Delicious we now have it up for sale separately. Check out all the details here.

Mayo _2You can see in the recipe above that I have used the Sriracha Mayo in a mind-blowing BLT recipe.

BLT – DIY Vegan


  • 1 (14 ounce) can chickpeas
  • 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon cane sugar
  • 1 teaspoon mustard powder
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1 cup avocado oil


  1. Drain the liquid from the chickpeas using a ne mesh strainer placed over a large bowl. Save the chickpeas for another use (add them to a salad, make some hummus, etc). Measure out 1/2 cup of the chickpea liquid and discard the remainder.
  2. In a blender, blend the chickpea liquid until it becomes frothy (1 to 2 minutes).
  3. Add the white wine vinegar, lemon juice, sugar, mustard powder, onion powder, and salt. Blend to combine.
  4. With the blender running (and a cloth ready to cover the pour hole in the lid), slowly begin to add the avocado oil
  5. One tablespoon at a time. Blend the mixture for 30 seconds between each addition.
  6. Transfer the thick white mayo to a jar or airtight container. Store in the fridge for about 2 weeks.
  7. For Sriracha Mayo, stir in 1 teaspoon of your favourite sriracha for each 1?4 cup of mayo for a creamy spread with a bite. If you’re not speci cally a sriracha fan, try the hot sauce from DIY Vegan instead.

Once you get the mayo whipped up, make a quick batch of the Coconut Bacon Bits from DIY Vegan (you can also find the recipe here) then it is time to build your sandwich. Cut up a ripe tomato, a perfect avocado and two slices of your favourite sourdough bread. Once you’ve got all the components ready to go, just layer up and serve.

I’ll be back with something sweet very soon. xo

UnDiet Cookbook

December 1st, 2015 · Lisa · book review, gluten-free, nut-free, Recipes, Review, Savory, Vegan · Comments

If you’re a conscious consumer I really hope you’ve discovered Meghan Telpner. She is a powerful ambassador for all things awesome. Her creed includes: flirting with farmers; dancing like a four-year-old, being truthful, youthful, playful and funful; making it from scratch (as you know I’m also a strong believer of this mantra) and undieting for abundant health.

If you haven’t had Meghan’s expertise to help inform your choices in the past you will thank me for making this introduction now, her cookbook has recently hit the shelves and she has even more deliciousness to share.

The UnDiet Cookbook is a culinary follow-up to Meghan’s first lifestyle-focused book, Undiet. Both are beautiful examples of how engaging warmth and wisdom are. The pages are full of information but delivered with just enough humour to allow you to hear the hard stuff – like, every choice counts. Unlike Undiet, the cookbook is focused on the culinary adventure that will help you feel amazing everyday (mostly, although there is also a chapter on beauty care products you can DIY to make your skin glow and feel delicious).
Although Meghan does not believe that any of us need to label ourselves with our diet, her recipes are stuffed full of plant powered goodness and are free of gluten and dairy. She provides amazing alternatives in the recipes for people interested in eating soy-free and/or grain-free. So basically, no matter how you prefer to eat, she has something delicious for you to make for dinner.

This cookbook covers all the bases with chapters on decadent drinks, breakfast, dips and spreads, soups, salads, mains, condiments and desserts. Plus additional chapters full of tips for beauty care, entertaining, travel and living well.

I got my copy of Meghan’s book in the week before my daughter was born, so my time in the kitchen has been limited. But there are incredible, quick nourishing ideas that I can whip up on seconds that have given me the boost I’ve needed to feed a tiny human who loves to eat. Smoothies like the I <3 Blueberry Blend or the Green Trampoline provide everything you need to get your day started right. As soon as my sweetheart is taking naps I look forward to baking a big batch of Meghan’s Sparkly Ginger Chip Cookies. Yum, naps and cookies.

For now, I’m looking for quick meal ideas that really deliver on nutrition and of course The Undiet Cookbook had the answer. During the fall and winter I can’t get enough of sweet potatoes and squash. I love Meghan’s recipe for making a whole meal out of one simple tuber. This dish is versatile enough that you can change a few components to reimagine it everyday and is easy enough to pull together any day of the week.
Decembers are busy, for everyone I know. It can be easy to snack on fries at the mall while shopping or chips on the couch after a long day of work and errands. If you’re craving potatoes (which we all seem to as the cold weather arrives), try this delicious dish and you’ll be ready to tackle the rest of the seasonal tasks with a smile.
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cooking Time: 45–60 minutes
Serves 4

UnDiet Cookbook


  • 4 organic sweet potatoes
  • 2 Tbsp avocado oil, coconut oil or organic ghee
  • 1/2 red onion, diced
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • one 14 oz can organic beans of choice, drained and rinsed*
  • 6 cups greens, trimmed and sliced into ribbons
  • 2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
  • 1/4 teaspoon Make-Your-Own Sambal (page 206 in The UnDiet Cookbook), red pepper flakes, or your favorite hot sauce Sea salt
  • Optional Add-ons: Hemp seeds (protein bonus), Toasted sunflower or pumpkin seeds, Fresh sprouts, Tempeh bits (prepared as with TLT Deluxe Sandwich, page 83 in The UnDiet Cookbook), Tahini Dressing (page 194 in The UnDiet Cookbook)


  1. Preheat the oven to 400°F.
  2. Scrub the sweet potatoes and prick them in a few places with a fork (this gives them room to breathe as they bake). Place them on a baking sheet and bake until soft all the way through, 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  3. While the sweet potatoes are baking, heat the olive oil in a medium pan and add the onion and garlic. Cook until soft. Add the beans and cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  4. Remove from the heat and stir in your greens (the heat will wilt them). Add your lemon juice, sambal, and sea salt to taste.
  5. Remove the sweet potatoes from the oven. To serve, slice each sweet potato through the middle and top with beans + greens mix and your optional add-ons.

Excerpted from The UnDiet Cookbook: 130 Gluten-Free Recipes for a Healthy and Awesome Life by Meghan Telpner. Copyright © 2015 Meghan Telpner. Photography Copyright © 2015 Maya Visnyei and Catherine Farquharson. Published by Appetite by Random House, a division of Random House of Canada Ltd., a Penguin Random House Company. Reproduced by arrangement with the Publisher. All rights reserved.

Thank you to Meghan for bringing so much awesomeness into the world and  my life. xo

Instant Ice Cream Cake – DIY Vegan

November 17th, 2015 · Lisa · DIY Vegan, gluten-free, Recipes, Sweet · Comments

I am still playing with the recipes from DIY Vegan to create some brand new delights. This week, I’ve got something sweet to share.

Now that the red cups are out and in Canada the carols are streaming from the speakers in every store (hopefully South of the border you’re getting a tiny break until after Thanksgiving) I’m starting to think about the holidays.

This year I will be hanging out at my house more than usual – that’s what tends to happen when you have a new baby. I will probably be playing host more often than I’m used to which means I need to have something to offer guests when they stop by. But I mentioned I have a tiny baby, right? So it has to be something super simple that can be made ahead and will last until it’s needed.

I pulled out my copy of DIY Vegan and came up with this amazing Instant Ice Cream Cake. Amazing because it has fudgey, chocolate-cake like layers, surrounding an incredible vanilla ice cream centre and is coated in layers of rich, chocolate ice cream. I topped it off with drizzles of melted chocolate and some cookie crumbs.

Beyond the flavours, this cake is ideal because you slice it like a loaf meaning you can stretch it out to serve lots of guests or cut off a couple of pieces and then wrap it up for another visit. So versatile! And if you happen to already have lots of ice cream on hand, it can come together in mere minutes.

Plus…it looks impressive.


Ice Cream Cake – DIY Vegan


  • 1 recipe ice cream sandwiches (pg. 229 DIY Vegan)
  • 1 recipe chocolate ice cream (pg. 63 DIY Vegan)
  • 3 TBSP non-dairy chocolate chips, melted (optional)
  • 2 TBSP leftover crumbs from ice cream sandwiches (optional)


  1. Line a loaf pan with plastic wrap.
  2. Remove the chocolate ice cream from the freezer to soften until it is spreadable (about 40 minutes). Spread 1/3 of the chocolate ice cream to line the bottom of the loaf pan.
  3. Place the ice cream sandwiches side by side to fill the centre of the loaf pan.
  4. Use the remaining chocolate ice cream to fill the sides and top of the loaf pan. Fold the plastic wrap over the top of the cake to cover.
  5. Place the loaf pan in the freezer to firm the ice cream before serving, at least 2 hours.
  6. Optional toppings can be added when you're ready to slice and serve.

If you’d like to come by and hold a baby, I’d be happy to go have a shower, afterward I promise to serve you a delicious slice.

Chickpea Curry Pastries – a DIY Vegan inspired recipe

November 10th, 2015 · Lisa · DIY Vegan, Recipes, Savory, Snacks · Comments

Thank you!

I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the amazing reviews and the outpouring of support that Nicole and I have received since the release of DIY Vegan. If you’re interested in checking out the reviews to see what people are saying about the book and get a preview of the recipes visit Dreena, JL, Angela, Janet, Alisa, Heather, Amanda, Kristina, Amey and Dianne‘s posts.

As many of you know, I’m six weeks in to being a Mom, which makes it even more wonderfully timed to have such an outpouring of love. If you haven’t heard, I gave birth to a little girl on September 30th at home. Her name is Isla.


Although I am pretty tied up with caring for this tiny human, there are a lot of recipes in DIY Vegan that can be made ahead and are really helping to keep me nourished.

Over the next few weeks I will share the ways I’m making use of my favourite recipes from the book. Today I have a savoury take using the recipe for toaster pastry dough in the book. I made a delicious, simple curry to replace the Strawberry Jam filling in DIY Vegan. Since these are small and can be held in one hand for snacking, they are perfect for busy people, especially new parents.


Makes 8-10 small pastries.

Chickpea Curry Pastries – DIY Vegan


  • 2 teaspoons coconut oil
  • 1 small white onion, diced
  • ½ lb Yukon gold potatoes, diced into 1/2 “ cubes
  • 2 teaspoons grated fresh ginger
  • ½ teaspoon black pepper
  • ½ teaspoon sea salt
  • 2 teaspoon curry powder
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon
  • Pinch of nutmeg
  • 1 cup apple juice
  • 1 can chickpeas, drained and rinsed (great use from the mayo or strawberry cream)
  • 1 recipe Toaster Pastries dough – exclude the vanilla extract (page 86 DIY Vegan)


  1. In a large sauté pan, over medium heat, add the coconut oil and sauté the onions for two minutes until translucent. Add the ginger and sauté an additional two minutes.
  2. Add the potatoes, stir to combine and then add 1 ½ cups of water. Cook for 15 minutes un covered.
  3. Add the pepper, salt, curry powder, cinnamon and nutmeg. Stir to coat the potatoes and onions.
  4. Add the chickpeas and apple juice.
  5. Reduce the heat to low and simmer for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  6. Salt to taste. Allow to cool to room temperature or chill in the fridge until cool.
  7. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  8. Roll out the toaster pastry to ¼” thick. Cut out circles (we use the lid of a large mouth-mason jar).
  9. Add a tablespoon of the chickpea curry to the centre of half of the circles. Place one of the empty circle on top of the filling and seal the edges by gently pressing down with the tines of a fork. Poke a few holes into the centre to allow steam to escape as the pastries cook.
  10. Bake for 30 minutes until the pastries begin to brown. Cool for 5-10 minutes before serving.

I really hope you’re enjoying the book. If you live in Toronto please join us for the book launch celebration on Thursday, November 12th.


DIY Vegan is here!!!

October 27th, 2015 · Lisa · DIY Vegan · Comments


Today is THE day! DIY Vegan officially hits shelves and I could not be more ecstatic. I never thought this day would arrive. This project has been a labour of love for over two years and it couldn’t have happened without the continuing partnership and support of Nicole Axworthy, our agent, and our publisher, St. Martin’s Griffin. Together, we envisioned the cookbook we wanted to create and made it happen. Hurray!
Simply put, we see this cookbook as a DIY manual for the vegan lifestyle, offering simple solutions to making wholesome, homemade staples. The book features very approachable recipes for 135 everyday staples that will stock pantry shelves, fridges and freezers, from vegan milk, cheese and butter to fun and easy-to-adapt sauces, spreads and snack foods. All recipes have gluten-free options, too!

To find more info about the book and retailers that carry it, click over to my book page.
Over the next several weeks, you’ll see some of our favourite bloggers sharing their opinions and reviews of DIY Vegan as part of our official virtual book tour (you can already read reviews from Dreena, JL, Dianne, Janet and Angela). And to celebrate, we’ve got a very special giveaway just for you!

DIY Vegan Virtual Book Tour GIVEAWAY!

Nicole and I wanted to share two of our most-loved kitchen appliances with you. We use our Blendtec blenders and Breville food processors almost every day, whether we’re blending up a quick batch of almond milk, a smoothie, a salad dressing, or processing chickpeas for hummus, grating carrots and cabbage for an easy slaw (we adore our food processor’s grating tool), or churning almonds into a smooth, silky butter.
Many of the recipes in our book rely on these multitasking machines because they make our time in the kitchen more efficient and fun, and they don’t take up too much space on our counters. They’re basically like a personal sous chef that you can plug in or turn off. We love them so much we wanted to give one to you!

Prize One: Blendtec 725 Designer Series Blender ($650 value) is a sleek, top-of-the-line kitchen appliance that will meet all your blending needs! Features SmartBlend technology, multi-speed pulse, and a 100-speed touch slider for precision control. (*Shipping qualification apply. One US resident will be randomly chosen for this prize.)
Prize Two: Breville Sous Chef 12 Plus Food Processor ($500 value) boasts power and versatility in a more compact size! This 12-cup food processor comes fully equipped with an additional accessory kit to simplify a wide range of kitchen tasks. (*Shipping qualifications apply. One Canadian resident will be randomly chosen for this prize.)
Breville Sous Chef 12 Plus
Please use the box below to enter. The giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents only and will run until 11:59 pm EST on December 9, 2015. Good luck!
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P.S. To all our friends in the Toronto area, please join us on November 12th for our book launch party!


DIY Vegan Pre-order Announcement!

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Pre-order DIY Vegan and receive BONUS gifts!

It’s here! Well, almost.

It’s been just about two years since Nicole and I started on the journey of creating a 272-page cookbook—planning, writing, creating, testing, retesting, photographing, editing and proofreading—and here we are, mere weeks away from launching our baby, DIY Vegan. While the book officially becomes available at bookstores near you at the end of October, we want you to have the opportunity to purchase it now. Like, right now. Today.

Want to learn a little more about it? You can find more details by clicking over to my book page, which includes a few photos from the book and a breakdown of chapters. We poured our hearts and souls into this project and somehow managed to balance it all with our otherwise busy lives and full-time jobs (I truly admire anyone who does it more than once). It is a testament that two creative minds are better than one, and we really do make a great team.

To sweeten the deal, we’ve also put together a 10-recipe bonus ebook, called DIY Delicious, which is available to everyone who pre-orders our book before October 27.

Pre-order DIY Vegan and receive BONUS gifts!

Why pre-order? Book retailers, both online and in stores, love pre-orders! It basically determines how much affection they will give the book at their stores once it releases. Plus, you won’t have to worry about rushing out to the store to buy a copy once it’s available. Pre-ordered books will just arrive at your doorstep, often before they make it to stores. It’s like a happy surprise, picked out just for you!

Pre-order bonus: Since pre-orders are so important, we created this special ebook of recipes as a way to say thank YOU. The ebook includes:

  • All new recipes, including a few from the book itself! DIY Delicious is meant as a sort of companion to DIY Vegan. Along with a few of our everyday favourites, like the Sriracha Mayo we slather on sandwiches, the Chocolate Hazelnut Butter we spread on toast, and the Crunchy Italian Seasoned Croutons we toss into all our salads, we’ve also created recipes that actually use those staples.
  • As always, the recipes are all vegan, gluten-free and wholesome.
  • There are lots of delicious looking photos, shot by yours truly.
  • Once you’ve pre-ordered DIY Vegan, you get the bonus ebook right away!

Pre-order bonus instructions:

  1. Pre-order DIY Vegan before October 27, 2015. It’s currently available from the following retailers: AMAZON (US), AMAZON (CANADA), BARNES & NOBLEBOOKS-A-MILLIONIBOOKSINDIEBOUNDPOWELL’S BOOKSWALMART, and INDIGO.
  2. Email your order confirmation to pitmanlisa [at] gmail [dot] com.
  3. We’ll reply with a copy of DIY Delicious just for you, as well as a billion thank-yous for supporting our work.

If you happen to be in the Toronto area on September 13th we’ll be discussing all things DIY Vegan at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival.

And stay tuned, we’ve got a few other plans in the works that we know you’ll love, so stayed tuned!

With gratitude,

Nicole & Lisa

Toronto’s Best Vegan Restaurant Dishes – 2015

August 11th, 2015 · Lisa · Fun with Friends, vegan 100 · Comments

If you’re thinking of visiting Toronto for the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival or the Toronto International Film Festival (or both…Natalie Portman I presume), you may be starting your research into Toronto’s best vegan eats. This post is contains an updated list of city’s 100 best vegan offering for 2015 (you can find the 2014 post here).

The vegan food scene in Toronto has really exploded in recent years. When I compiled this list last year HappyCow listed 127 vegetarian restaurants, now we’re at 156! That’s an amazing number of veg establishments but it doesn’t truly tell the story of what this city has to offer. To find the amazing dishes hidden in restaurant menus across the city you have to turn to a dedicated group of passionate plant-based eaters, excited to share their secrets.

The 2015 list includes many of our 2014 favourites. I’ve removed restaurants that have closed. And in order to stay relevant I had to add all the exciting new vegan ventures that have opened in the last year like our vegan butcher, vegan pub and vegan pizza parlour. I have highlighted the 24 new additions to the list with an asterisk.

Hibiscus Salad Sampler

Toronto’s Vegan 100 is a curated list of unbelievable vegan dishes suggested by discerning local vegans who shared their favourite dishes, memorable meals and unforgettable finds.

Toronto’s Vegan 100
1. Apiecalypse Now Pizza and Snack Bar’s BBQ Buffalobotomy Pizza*
2. Apiecalypse Now’Pizza and Snack Bar’s Mozzarella sticks *
3. The Atlantic Vegan Tasting Menu
4. Bahn Mi Boys’ Tofu Tacos
5. Belmonte Raw’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Thimble
6. The Beet’s Grilled Cheese with Apple Butter (with Daiya)
7. The Beet‘s Vegan Mac n’ Cheese
8. Bloomer’s Reuben (with a side of deep-fried pickles)*
9. Bloomer‘s Pulled Jackfruit Sandwich*
10. Boreal Gelato‘s Vegan Salted Caramel
11. Boreal Gelato‘s Strawberry Sorbetto
12. Buddha’s Vegetarian‘s General Tao’s Chicken
13. Bunner’s Cinnamon Buns
14. Bunner’s Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin
15. Bunner’s Soft Serve Cones (go for the swirl)*
16. Cardinal Rule’s Latkes*
17. Canoe’s Vegan Tasting Menu
18. Café 668’s Vegetarian Pho
19. Cafe Belong‘s 5 Course Vegan Dinner*
20. ChocoSol Traders’ bike blended Xocolatl
21. Cut the Cheese’s Harvest Grilled Cheese with Butternut Squash and Caramelized Onions (with Diaya)
22. D-Beastro‘s S’mores Bar*
23. Depanneur‘s Wednesday Drop-in Dinners*
24. Disgraceland’s Vegan Butter Chicken Burrito
25. Earth and City’s Vanilla Bean Macaroon
26. E. L. Ruddy‘s Vegan Omelette Platter*
27. Ethiopiques’ Vegetarian Platter
28. Fresh‘s Ace of Kales Salad
29. Fresh’s Panko Crusted Squash Tacos
30. Fresh‘s Picnic Burger
31. Fresh’s Green Poutine*
32. Grasshopper’s Chick-un Bahn Mi
33. Grasshopper’s Rice Poppers*
34. Grasslands‘ Guacamole Grilled Cheese
35. Grasslands’ Snickerdoodle French Toast
36. Greenhouse Juice’s pink milk
37. Green Earth’s Authentic Hue Noodle Soup
38. Greens Vegetarian’s Lemon Chicken
39. Greens Vegetarian‘s Sweet and Sour Mock Chicken
40. Hawker Bar’s Vegan Laksa
41. Hello Darling‘s Chickpea Scramble
42. Hello Darling‘s Mushroom Wellington
43. Hibiscus’ Ice Cream (especially earl grey or black sesame or pistachio)
44. Hibiscus’ Salad Sampler
45. Hogtown Vegan‘s Fried Apple Pie
46. Hogtown Vegan‘s Fries Supremacy
47. Hogtown Vegan’s Philly “Cheesesteak”
48. Hogtown Vegan‘s Unchicken & Waffles
49. Hogtown Vegan’s Shitake Fried Clams*
50. Ital Vital’s Bbq Gluten
51. Jean’s Vegetarian Kitchen‘s Malaysian Curry
52. Jerusalem’s Vegetarian Dinner
53. Just Falafel’s Indian Falafel Wrap
54. Khao San Road’s Vegan Three Flavours Pad Thai
55. King’s Cafe‘s Kung Po Soy-Fritters
56. Kingyo’s 9 Course Shojin Buddhist Monk Meal
57. Korean bi bim bap stone bowl riceteria’s Mushroom Bi Bim Bap
58. Kupfert and Kim’s Oaxaca bowl
59. Live Organic Food Bar’s French Toast
60. Live Organic Food Bar’s Pulled Burdock Burrito
61.  Live Organic Food Bar’s Raw Joe Louie
62. Magic Oven’s Tropical Magic Pizza
63. Maha’s Foule and Falafel Combo*
64. Mean Bao‘s Tofu and Enoki Mushroom Bao*
65. Nazareth’s Vegetarian Platter
66. One Love Vegetarian’s Corn Soup
67. One Love Vegetarian‘s Pumpkin Chana Potato Roti
68. Pleasantville Creamery‘s Pints (flavours change monthly)*
69. Porterhouse’s Lentil and Ale Pasty*
70. Porterhouse’s BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich*
71. The Public Kitchen’s Triple Decker Brunch Club
72. The Public Kitchen‘s Vegan Benedict
73. Disgraceland‘s Ribwich dinner
74. Ryus Noodle Bar‘s Vegetable Miso Potage
75. Sneaky Dee’s Vegan Burro Favorito
76. The Steady‘s Vegan Eggs Benny
77. Superfood Eateries’ Granola Parfait
78. South Indian Dosa Mahal‘s Vegetable Masala Dosa
79. Sweets From the Earth‘s Chocolate Chewy Nut Bar
80. Sweets from the Earth’s Chocolate Pecan Caramel Bar
81. Sweets from the Earth‘s Cinnamon Apple Loaf
82. Sweets from the Earth‘s S’mores cupcakes
83. Sweet Olenka’s Chocolate Covered Coconut Ice Cream Pawpsicle*
84. Tabule’s Fattush Salad
85. Tori’s After Hour‘s Cheese Slab*
86. Tori’s After Hour‘s Gnocchi*
87. Tori’s Bakeshop’s Buttertart
88. Tori’s Bakeshop’s BLT sandwich with coconut bacon
89. Tori’s Bakeshop‘s Cake Doughnuts
90. Through Being Cool‘s Boston Cream Doughnut
91. Through Being Cool‘s Sandwich Special*
92. Through Being Cool’s Pizza Rolls
93. Through Being Cool‘s Soft Pretzels*
94. Udupi Palace’s Idli Manchurian*
95. Urban Herbivore’s Bbq Tofu Sandwich
96. Vegetarian Haven‘s Blueberry Pie Milkshake
97. Vegetarian Haven‘s Singapore Seitan
98. Vegetarian Haven’s Tofu Drumsticks
99. YamChops’ No Crab Crab Cakes*
100. YamChop‘s Chick*n Shawarma*

Tori's BakeshopDSC_0027

Through Being Cool Doughnuts

In order to make a top 100 list from all the amazing suggestions, I followed the following criteria:

  • No chain restaurants (a few locations in the city is okay but not something available in every city around the world)
  • Restaurant must be located in Toronto
  • Must be interesting/different/unique – I removed the numerous suggestions for tofu scrambles and bean burritos because so many restaurants do it so well and I wanted this list to be about those amazing unpredictable finds.
  • Yes, there are a few things on the list that are products rather than restaurant dishes (e.g. Sweets from the Earth products) but they are available in lots of cafes and some restaurants around the city.

Must mentions:
If you’re planing a trip to Toronto, may I suggest early September? This year is the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival‘s 31st anniversary. It is North America’s biggest vegetarian festival. You can join 40,000 like minded friends for free food, free demos and free entrance to an incredible cornucopia of the best vegan products on the market.

BlogTO just shared its own guide to eating vegan in Toronto. Do you agree with their suggestions?

If you’d like to contribute to the next edition of Toronto’s Vegan 100, let me know what you’d add in the comments. And, I’d love to know your score – I’m at 34, up 5 from last year’s 29. 


NY Times’ favourite Vegan Roasted Banana Ice Cream

August 4th, 2015 · Lisa · gluten-free, Recipes, Sweet, Vegan · Comments

Welcome to August everyone!

I hope you’re all loving this summer (or this winter if you happen to live in Australia) so far. I have been enjoying the colourful sunsets, the warm hug of the summer heat (every time you step outside) and lots of frozen treats.

I’ve been woken a few mornings this week by the little hiccups of my growing baby. If you’ve never had your pelvis shaken by the repetitive shutter of a fetal hiccup…it is quite the experience. For me, those moments make this being living in my ever-expanding belly condo more human. I still find it hard to believe that in just eight months this baby has evolved from a tiny cluster of cells to a hiccuping, swimming, twirling, little person.

These thoughts have me contemplating growth and evolution. In the last few weeks my facebook feed has been full of posts that demonstrate the broadening of the vegan perspective. Things are growing, changing and evolving in ways I never could have imagined. We have seen celebrations of animals’ lives, questions about animal’s rights and more and more mainstream excitement for vegan diets. It is an incredible time.

These small shifts in perspective and mind-opening conversations put us all on a slightly different path forward.

I have always believed that balancing conversations on ethics with truly amazing vegan food is what creates lasting change, which is why I was so excited about a recent book review in the New York Times. The review was for a new cookbook called, Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream. The book is predominantly about traditional ice cream recipes, but it contains ten vegan ones. The author of the review raved “If you buy the book for these carefully constructed recipes, you will not go wrong. But it’s the vegan ice cream that will change your life, or at least make you rethink any vegan prejudices.”

Awesomeness! You and I already know that vegan ice cream is incredible…but to read it in the New York Times is so exciting.

As an act of welcome and solidarity (wink, wink), I decided I had to try this life changing roasted banana blend. It is incredibly creamy, sweet and flavourful. It would make a pretty epic base for any banana split.

If you’re into baketivism, add this one to your arsenal. Is there a more delicious weapon for blowing minds than a luscious cone of Roasted Banana Ice Cream? What is your favourite recipe to share with the vegan curious?


Quinoa Confetti in Avocado Bowls

July 21st, 2015 · Lisa · gluten-free, Pregnancy, Recipes, Savory · Comments

I love avocado. This one beautiful fruit enables satisfying afternoons of scooping guacamole on salty tortilla chips, rich chocolate avocado ice cream cone filled evenings, luscious mornings sipping avocado lime smoothies and quick lunch-time treats of avocado toast and hot sauce. And now…it’s a bowl.

This dish is a perfect vegan stereotype with all that quinoa avocado goodness. And just like all the vegans I know…it’s awesome.

Every year at this time I find myself wanting simple meals that come together quickly and allow me to avoid turning that oven dial. Although there is a brief stint on a burner required to get your quinoa ready, it can then be cooled and used over many meals limiting your kitchen time throughout the week.

We’re in the middle of the most fantastic summer days, late July. I think all romantic poetry is set in the last days of July when everything is hot and sunny and lazy. I want nothing more than to spend my time lying in the grass.

This past weekend we spent a day hiking in the sauna-like Southern Ontario humidity. We packed a picnic lunch so we could spread out riverside and enjoy a quick satisfying meal in the middle of a magical day. This avocado dish would be perfect for picnics. Just premake the quinoa salad and dressing (minus the avocado) and keep the avocados whole until you’re ready to eat. Then slice them in half, remove the pit and pile in the quinoa salad. Each half makes an ideal, individual serving. For dessert we stumbled upon beautiful black raspberries lining the trail.
raspberryIn so many ways I want this summer to slow down. It has been a transformative one for me and I want to savour all these long sun-kissed days.
engagement2 (Here we are back in April when I was just 16 weeks pregnant.)

This summer has been quieter and more introspective for me as I spend a lot more time holding onto my belly and trying to connect with that little being growing inside. I know when this summer becomes fall our dynamic duo will become one fantastic little family. I’m thrilled and excited and yet want to soak up all the couple-hood connection I can in the meantime. Transitions…always an adventure.
pregpark (And here I am two weeks ago at 28 weeks.)

If you’re interested in hearing more about my pregnancy and what I’ve been eating lately, check-out the #smoothiefest google hang-out I recorded with Heather Nicholds last week. That oatmeal cookie smoothie is still one of my favourites – and a great summer treat when you don’t feel like baking up a dessert.

If you’re interested in eating an amazing avocado dish…here’s that recipe.
Serves 4.
DSC_0377 (1)

Quinoa Confetti in Avocado Bowls


  • 1 cup quinoa (multi-coloured is extra fun)
  • 2 ½ cups water + 3 TBSP water, divided
  • ½ tsp + a pinch of salt, divided
  • 3 TBSP of lemon juice, divided
  • 2 TBSP of green onion, minced (just the green part)
  • 3 TBSP of pomegranate seeds or dried fruit (raisins, apricots, dates all work well).
  • ¼ cup fresh basil leaves
  • 2 TBSP parsley
  • 2 large avocados
  • ¼ tsp cumin (optional)


  1. In a metal sieve rinse the quinoa under cold water. Set aside.
  2. In a small saucepan over medium heat, bring the water to a boil. Add the quinoa and a pinch of salt. Stir occasionally for 8-10 minutes until the quinoa’s tail unfurls and the grains have a soft texture. Drain the quinoa back into the metal sieve and rinse under cool water. Set aside.
  3. In a medium bowl, combine 2 tablespoons of the lemon juice, the green onion, pomegranate seeds, and a ¼ tsp of salt. Add the quinoa and stir to combine.
  4. Slice the two avocados in half. Remove the pits and peel the avocados (gently).
  5. Scoop out 1 tablespoon from the centre of each avocado and place into the bowl of a food processor. Add the basil, parsley, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, ¼ tsp of salt, and cumin (if desired). Blend. Add the 3 tablespoons of water slowly, 1 tablespoon at a time. Stop and scrape down the sides of the bowl as necessary, until a smooth green dressing is created.
  6. Add ½ cup of quinoa to each avocado half and drizzle on the herbal dressing. Serve immediately.
  7. Note: Leftover quinoa salad stores well in the fridge and makes an excellent, protein packed, addition to kale and lettuce salads as well.

Wishing you all another week of long evening strolls in tank tops and flip flops.

Your new favourite green juice

July 14th, 2015 · Lisa · raw, raw recipe, Recipes, Snacks, Vegan, vegan recipe · Comments

A big refreshing glass of nutrient-dense green juice is a spectacular summer staple. And I’m not the only one who thinks so – there are juice bars popping up all over Toronto (inside yoga studios, bookstores and fruit markets).

This summer, as I continue working on growing a healthy baby (29 weeks done!), I’m finding it harder than ever to dig into a big, beautiful salad. I know the summer produce is stunning and fleeting (I’m totally down with watermelon and strawberries), but raw greens have been a harder sell during my pregnancy, as I tend to crave heavier and heartier meals. This predilection means that I have been in search of other ways to get all the greens I need. Adding a crisp, cold glass of green juice has been the magical solution so far.


A couple of tips to keep in mind, if you hate cilantro, do not use it in this juice. You will still hate it. The pear will not save you from hating it. Instead switch out the cilantro for spinach or kale.

If you don’t have a juicer, you can still make this juice. I have a juicer and sometimes still go the blender route because I find it faster to clean up. Here’s what you do: blend all of the ingredient together and then strain the mixture through a nut-milk bag or a few layers of cheesecloth. If you prefer to leave it as a smoothie and drink up all that fibre, go for it! I tend to use juices as a refreshing beverage rather than a meal replacement but since this is going to be your new favourite green juice…make it your own.

Your favourite Green Juice


  • 2 inch piece fresh ginger, peeled
  • 1 large english cucumber
  • 2 ripe anjou pears
  • 1 small bunch fresh cilantro (approximately 1 ½ - 2 cups)
  • juice of ½ a lime


  1. Run the ginger, cucumber and pears through a juicer.
  2. In a blender combine the juice from above with cilantro and the juice of ½ a lime.

How are you staying hydrated during these hot, humid summer days? I’m definitely pushing the water intake but also find cucumber and watermelon so satisfying. I’ve also started taking prenatal aquafit. Just being in the water is such a nice treat at the end of a long day. I am dreaming of cottage life.

Talk soon.


Dreena Burton’s Plant-Powered Families

July 7th, 2015 · Lisa · book review, Review, Vegan · Comments

Whenever you’re contemplating a change, you look for people who’ve done it before who may be able share their wisdom. Before you go to university you talk to alumni, when you’re starting a new job you try to find colleagues who know the culture, when you’re starting a family you ask a lot of parents what to expect and when you’re contemplating a healthier lifestyle you look for people who have lived it successfully.

When it comes to feeding a family a healthy, satisfying, plant-based diet, Dreena Burton is the go-to guru. She has raised three beautiful daughters while writing 5 amazing vegan cookbooks. Her latest offering, Plant-Powered Families is focused on sharing the lessons she’s learned along the way for creating delicious, family-friendly meals.

You may already know that I’m a big fan of Dreena (and her recipes). I own all of her books and turn to them often. When I’m cooking for my nieces and nephews, Dreena’s reliability rate is off the charts, which means not only do the recipe work but the kids eat them up.

Now that I’m getting prepared to step into the realm of motherhood (12 weeks until my due date), this book is providing lots of food for thought. I know I have a few years before I need to consider what my little one will eat at birthdays and slumber parties, but just having on-hand her plant-powered nutrition facts is allowing me to answer all the inquiries about how a vegan diet can satisfy a growing child’s nutritional needs with greater ease.

If you don’t have children to feed, don’t worry, you’ll still love this book because:

  • The recipes are based on whole, nourishing ingredients. Eating awesomely is awesome.
  • The recipes are simple enough for any novice cook to follow with great success. We all need quick, delicious meal and snack ideas. We’re busy people.
  • The book is full of helpful hints for packing lunches (check out this great article on the topic she published online), meal planning and allergen-free alternatives.
  • And, Dreena makes the best cookies I’ve ever had, ever. I’m expecting the Vanilla Bean Chocolate Chip Cookies to become my new favourite treat.

When Plant-Powered Families arrived, I flipped through the pages, selecting a handful of recipes to try (enticed by Nicole’s fantastic photos).

I started with the Sniffle Soup, because I came home from VVCIII with a terrible cold. The recipe makes a big, comforting pot of nourishing lentils. Lucky for you, Dreena has shared the recipe online.


Next up I tried the Protein Power Balls. During my pregnancy I’ve been encouraged to increase my protein intake. These sweet treats are the perfect solution because they makes power-packed snacking so simple. Dreena recently wrote a fantastic piece for Today’s Parent about protein-rich recipes for kids, which included the recipe for these super-handy protein power balls.


Then I wanted an easy weeknight meal and landed on the Zesty Raw Almond Sauce which I poured over soba noodles and lightly steamed veggies. Sascha and I like our sauces pretty spicy, Dreena’s sauce is a little sweeter, which I know will make it a favourite of most families. With a hearty squirt of Siracha we were both in love.

It won’t surprise you at all that Plant-Powered Families has been receiving lots of rave reviews online, Green Evi’s review included the recipe for this spectacular sauce.

peanutsauceAs Toronto’s humidity has hit, I’ve been craving cooling recipes at the end of the day. Banana soft-serve has long been one of my favourites, but Dreena’s Banana Butter Ice Cream recipe in Plant-Powered Families is phenomenal. I won’t spoil the surprise but you must try it. Must.


And finally, on Father’s Day we made Dreena’s Cinnamon French Toast. It was incredible. It was Sascha’s first vegan French toast recipes and he was thoroughly impressed. It was easy to make and we continued to talk about how much we enjoyed it all day long. The ever generous Dreena posted this recipe on Mother’s Day, so pick a day and celebrate with a perfect festive breakfast.


Since it has taken me awhile to get this post up, I keep making and more things from Plant-Powered Families, which is saying a lot since I have over a hundred vegan cookbooks on my shelves and many on-deck for future reviews. But I couldn’t resist a batch of No-Bake Granola Bars and rounding out an evening meal with the Saucy BBQ Chickpeas and Green Beans.

As you can see, I love this book. Dreena has released a great resource for serving up satisfying meals and snacks that you can enjoy everyday. Of course, she’s also thoughtfully included some show-stopping treats that can take centre stage at your next celebration. I need an invitation to party so I can make the Chocolate Sweet Potato Cake.

I think you need a copy. Plus you can think of it as a gift for your family and friends.

Once you’ve got your copy, check out Nicole’s beautiful photography throughout the book. Nicole’s an amazing friend and my co-author of DIY Vegan (so you’ll be seeing a lot more of her talent in the months to come).  If you’re looking for some great recipes to start with, check out her post on Plant-Powered Families. She tested every recipe in the book and highlights her personal favourites.

I hope you’re all enjoying your July so far. I’ll be back next week with a great refreshing recipe. xo

Simple Strawberry Tart

June 30th, 2015 · Lisa · gluten-free, raw, Recipes, sugar-free, Sweet · Comments

Canada Day falls perfectly in the middle of Ontario’s strawberry season.

Over the past few years I’ve made an annual tradition of visiting a local strawberry farm to stock up on these beautiful, sweet gems of summer. I love strawberries! Love! This year, Sascha and I went to a local farm and picked 24 lbs of truly perfect berries.

We were super picky. We examined lots of almost ripe berries and then passed them by. At the time I thought it would take us all morning to fill our buckets with the best berries, but after an hour those buckets were starting to overflow. And each time I sample a strawberry from the fridge, I’m glad we were discerning. This is the best batch I’ve ever brought home. I hope this is just a spectacular strawberry season and you all get to enjoy the same outstanding flavours.

Since bringing our haul home we froze 6 lbs of sliced berries, made 8 cups of strawberry jam and spent lots of evenings snacking out of a big bowl, while we visit on the couch.

Strawberries are ideal for a celebratory Canada Day treat since their ruby red colour is reminiscent of our big bright, red maple leaf flag. This tart takes less than an hour to pull together, so even if you receive a last minute invite to your neighbour’s BBQ, you’ll have something impressive to offer. And if that doesn’t happen, and you just sleep in and enjoy a slow, quiet holiday, this tart is so full of good stuff you can eat it for breakfast, lunch or dessert.


Makes 1-8 inch tart

Simple Strawberry Tart


  • Coconut oil to grease the pan
  • 1 1/2 cup almonds
  • 3/4 medjool dates + 3 dates, pitted and divided
  • pinch of sea salt
  • 2 1/2 cups strawberries, divided
  • 1 TBSP lemon juice
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla powder
  • 1 TBSP ground, white chia seeds
  • Optional: chocolate chunks or shredded coconut


  1. Lightly grease an 8 inch tart pan with coconut oil.
  2. In a food processor, pulse the almonds into a fine meal. Add 3/4 cup of dates and the sea salt. Continue to pulse until the mixture holds together when pinched firmly between your thumb and fingers.
  3. Press the crust firmly into the prepared tart pan. Place into the freezer to set while you prepare the filling.
  4. Rinse out the food processor and then combine 1 cup of strawberries, 3 dates, the lemon juice, vanilla powder and chia seeds. Blend into a smooth mixture.
  5. Pour the strawberry mixture into the prepared tart crust.
  6. Thinly slice the remaining strawberries and layer evenly on top of the strawberry flavour.
  7. Add chocolate chunks, a drizzle of melted chocolate chunks or shredded coconut as garnish, or serve unadorned.

Happy Canada Day everyone and Happy Independence Day to everyone in the US this weekend.

Tomorrow also marks the beginning of my third trimester. I have a feeling life is about to get really interesting.


Pretty Pattisserie Fruit Tarts

June 23rd, 2015 · Lisa · gluten-free, raw, raw recipe, Recipes, sugar-free, Sweet, Vegan · Comments

We made it to summer. Summer of 2015!

I feel like every summer has its own story and its own soundtrack. It is the time of vacations, losing track of days, laughing with friends in the backyard, strolling under the stars and sundresses. Everything feels lighter when you’re wearing flip-flops and tank tops.

As the hot, humid days hit we all seem to crave lighter, refreshing meals. Finally our farmers markets are heavy with bounty and I can stock up all my seasonal favourites – local strawberries and cherries are drawing early morning lineups at the markets across the city.

Today I wanted to share a simple recipe for a summery treat that looks lovely enough to present as the final serving at a dinner party but is easy enough to put together that you can enjoy it often throughout the season.
Just change up the toppings the availability of local fruit shifts. I’ve played with lots of delicious variations such as: apples, dried cranberries and figs; strawberries, raspberries and blackberries; apricots, plums and blueberries. The list is long, so stroll the aisles at your farmers market, decide what looks ripe and beautiful and play with your own creative combinations.

Serves 4.

Pretty Pattisserie Fruit Tarts


  • ¾ cup almonds
  • ½ cup walnuts
  • 8 medjool dates, pitted (divided)
  • generous pinch of salt (divided)
  • ¾ cup of cashews (soaked 3 hours)
  • ½ tsp lemon juice
  • seeds of 1 vanilla bean
  • ¾ cup of water
  • 1 TBSP coconut oil, melted
  • 1 peach
  • 12 cherries
  • ½ cup blueberries


  1. In a food processor combine the almonds and walnuts. Pulse into a fine meal.
  2. Add five of the dates and the pinch of salt. Process until the mixture begins to hold together when pressed (approximately 30 seconds).
  3. Remove the mixture from the processor and divide evenly amongst four mini tart pans (approximately 3 ½ inches in diameter). Press into the pans to create an even crust. Put the tart pans in the freezer to allow the crust to set as you make the filling.
  4. In a blender, combine the cashews, remaining 3 dates, lemon juice, seeds of the vanilla bean, and water. Blend until completely smooth (be patient!). Add the coconut oil and blend until just emulsified.
  5. Remove the tart pans from the freezer and evenly pour the filling into the four crusts. Return the pans to the freezer for 30 minutes for the filling to set.
  6. Slice the peach in half, remove the pit and slice into very fine sections. Arrange the peach slices, cherries and blueberries on top of each tart. Serve.

I hope that you’ll enjoy some special evenings sharing treats among friends. There is nothing I savour more about summer than the opportunity to spend a little more time with the people I love. I’m making plans for outdoor movies, yoga in the park and lots of time eating cherries by the bowl.