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The Epic Update – Vegan pregnancy and life adventures

Epic Update

Lisa ebook post

Vegan Chocolate Lover’s gift guide

It’s here! December 1st has arrived, and with it the official beginning of the 2014 holiday season. It doesn’t take long for me to transition from the cozy scenes of autumn into the spectacle of the festive season. Already the streets are lined with trees wrapped in sparkly lights, joyful and soulful tunes are streaming […]

Hibiscus Salad Sampler

Toronto’s Best Vegan Restaurant Dishes

Toronto’s Vegan 100

Announcing a new eBook & package offer!

New eBook!

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gluten-freenut-freesugar-free Summer Camp for Grown-Ups

Late Summer Salad

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gluten-freenut-freeraw A Vegan St. Patrick’s Day Brunch

Spring Tart and Super-powered Macaroons


5th annual Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-Off

Peanut Butter Dream Bars

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I’m back!

psssssst…it’s me. I’m here! I have missed you all so much. Over the past two months I’ve been dealing with security issues with my blog that have kept me locked out of the admin panel. A few weeks ago, I was debating deleting the whole thing – because I couldn’t seem to stop the hacking […]

December Treat of the Month

December Treat of the Month

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2012 Vegan Gift Guide

2012 Gift Guide

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Vegan in Zurich

Vegan in Zurich


Vegan in Paris (warning: this is epic).

Vegan in Paris


Vegan in London

Vegan in Paris


October Treat of the Month Club

October Treat of the Month

Vegan Cuts: The mall of my dreams

What a glorious, glorious world. When I first embraced a vegan diet if I wanted something reminiscent of cheese, butter or a rich creamy ice cream I had to make it myself. The necessity of learning to prepare the foods I craved was an amazing learning experience – but, it took time. Today, the increase […]