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Recipe Testing and Bake-Off Planning

Friday night could not come fast enough this week. It has been busy, hot and irritating. I think I’m feeling some post-vacation blues while also being enthusiastically motivated to change the world (and my life) after all the Vegetarian Summerfest inspiration. While I mull over my next steps, I’m working through the practical tasks at-hand […]

gluten-freerawsugar-free Gift-worthy vegan gravy, protein-packed tabouli, and swiftly sliced strawberries

O’ Canada Patriotic Pie

Busy with Joy.

Last night I was catching up with a good friend and she said “you sound really happy”. You know, she was right. The funny thing is nothing significant has changed in my life, other than my perspective, but I am feeling incredibly blessed lately.  The past three years have been the toughest I’ve ever faced. […]

Dishing up some Bliss

My office is moving this Friday and the G20 descends upon my city in a matter of days, so I’m living with some chaos in my life. During the day, I have to meander around stacks of green bins, piles of chairs and bags of files set for the shredder in order to reach my […]