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Ripe From Around Here….is here!

My post for Heathy’s raw ice cream cake challenge is going to be delayed just one more day because when I should have been using the ideal picture-taking hours to highlight the creamy texture of my Elegant Elvis and Cinnamon Roll variations I was celebrating a very exciting moment with a fantastic friend. May’d Me […]

Vegans learn to DIY

So, I’m up early drawing maps for the Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-Off (today at 4pm) and wrapping up the amazing prizes. I wanted to make sure I got a MoFopost up this morning just in case I fall into a sugar coma this evening.I know that all of the Fabulous Vegan Bakers will impress me […]

Getting it “Ripe from Around Here” with Lady Jae

I always look forward to May. It means that the chill of winter is behind us and the seasonal markets will soon fill parks and parking lots across Toronto. This year, I had even more reason to be excited. Jae Steele, the author of Get It Ripe, had invited me to join her for weekly […]

Cottage Cooking and Ripe From Around Here Testing

Ahh…a weekend at the cottage is an incredible opportunity to tear yourself away from technology, catch up on important reading and celebrate fantastic food with great friends. This is what it looks like from my cottage at 5:15 am. I love sitting on the dock with a cup of tea when it feels like the […]