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Celebrating the launch of Viva Vegan!

Viva Vegan!

Fresh Gazpacho Dressing…before the Sugar Rush

Since May I have been involved in testing recipes for Viva Vegan, Terry Hope Romero’s upcoming solo cookbook. Testing has been quite the celebration of Latin flavours. I have been introduced to fantastic new ingredients (masa harina, achiote seed, aji panca paste, etc). Of course, every recipe has been amazing (Would you expect anything else […]

Terry you’re so Dulce

I wanted to post a quick update to let you know that I am still testing recipes for a couple of fabulous books that will hit the shelves this Spring. This beautiful cake a recipe from Terry Hope Romero’s upcoming book, tentatively titled Latin Vegan. It is a four-layer Chocolate Orange Spice Cake with Dulce […]

Corn Ice Cream is Incredible

When you see those big, fat, fresh kernels do you think, ice cream? Well, maybe you should. As a recipe tester for Terry Hope Romero’s Latin Vegan book, I was very intrigued when this recipe arrived on the roster. I knew that as soon as the corn descended upon the farmer’s markets, adding that noticable […]

Testing Terry’s Tamales

This week my Vegan Latina recipe testing lunch featured a number of amazing dishes. After watching Terry make tamales at Vegetarian Summerfest I was inspired to wrap up a batch in my own kitchen. If you are planning to be in the Toronto area in early September, you should definitely plan to attend her tamale […]

Testing Terry’s Summery Latin recipes

I’m really behind in posting about the recipes I tested from Vegan Latina last week. But I have a really good excuse. I was in Johnstown, Pennsylvania all week attending Vegetarian Summerfest. It was incredible! I promise to write a long post about all of the highlights. I was delighted to finally get to meet […]

Another fabulous Vegan Latina Lunch

Check out what the cookbook tasting team enjoyed this week: Seitan Anticuchos (using steamed red seitan and aji panca marinade) Another shot of the skewers So Good, So Green Dipping Sauce Peruvian Red Chile, Corn Salad with Limas and Cherry Tomatoes. Terry has been busy adding lots of new recipes to the testing site. I […]

This week’s Latin Vegan Lunch

Another fantastic meal courtesy of Terry Hope Romero. The tasting team gathered on Thursday to enjoy a couple of dishes from the upcoming Latin Vegan cookbook. I am really enjoying being a recipe tester for Terry because I have been introduced to lots of new ingredients and flavours along the way. The recipes have been […]

Another week of home-run recipes from Terry Hope Romero

This week my team of recipe tasters enjoyed:Potato Chickpea Enchiladas with a tomatillo salsa and pine nut cream. This was a personal favourite for sure. It was a little more time-consuming then the other recipes I have tested but the result was well-worth the effort. I was especially impressed with the fresh-spicy flavour of the […]

More tasty testers for Terry’s Vegan Latina

This week, my team of trusted recipe tasters and I delved into three more of Terry’s delicious Latin recipes. You will notice in this picture a side dish of Swiss Chard and raisins. The recipe takes less than 10 minutes to pull together but offers a unique new way to enjoy your greens! We enjoyed […]

More Vegan Latina testing for Terry

This week the testing recipes I selected from Vegan Latina (due out in 2010) utilized Terry’s steamed seitan technique for “white seitan” which is a replacement for chicken in traditional latin recipes. I started with vital wheat gluten and a great range of spices. I did some kneading. Cut the seitan into loaves. Packaged the […]

More Vegan Latina – week 4

Sweet potato chipotle bisque and butternut squash and black eyed pea tostadas-topped with avocado, lettuce and salsa Fresh, filling and flavourful. Tostadas are a bit messy to eat but the butternut squash and black eyed pea combination was pretty fantastic, so I didn’t mind needing a napkin.

Two more weeks of testing for Terry

Two more weeks of tester lunches for Vegan Latina (due out next year). Get ready to drool… Great garnishes Coconut Lime Cookies-these aren’t actually a test recipe but I wanted to add a nice light treat that would compliment the meal. Yellow Garlic Rice Black Bean and Plaintain Pupusas (with extra filling). We topped these […]

Testing for Terry

I am very excited to be testing recipes for Terry Hope Romero’s new Vegan Latina book, due out in 2010. She is the coauthor of Veganomicon and Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World (and the upcoming Vegan Cookies). I can’t share any details about these recipes but I thought I would tempt you all with […]