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Race Day!

Hello everyone! It has been a week and a half since I shared the final moments of my adventure at the 105 Academy. I have a few posts planned to get all caught up on my recent adventures. Let’s start with where I left off. As many of you know, after completing my personal dream […]

C’est tout, Tutti Frutti!

Becoming Raw

Going wild with rice – or grass?

Becoming Raw

The Plant Powered Princess Race Report

Finally, the day of reckoning arrived. I woke up at 3:15 a.m. to a text message from my brother (who stayed up all night to make sure he didn’t sleep through driving me – you have to love that kind of dedication!) I hurried to get dressed and head out to the lobby to meet […]

1 day: Ready to Run and Thanks for the Fun

So…it’s here. I had a wonderful, relaxing day at the resort. I spent sometime in the hot tub and reading by the pool. I did a quick stint on the treadmill and a stroll in the evening with my Mom. All in all a perfect vacation day. Tomorrow however is RACE DAY! My alarm is […]

2 days: Expo ExtraVEGANza, Epcot and Ethos

Wow, it was another whirlwind day (with quite a cool breeze actually) in Orlando. I woke up early and went for a great stroll with my Mom before we ventured to the ESPN Wide World of Sports to pick up my race pack. If you’ve never entered a race before you probably haven’t experienced the […]

5 days: Technique Tuesday: Walking and Talking Galloway

On Sunday this kale’s raw, bitter nature was conquered. Today, I’m going to attempt to share some more tips for conquering the challenge of running long distances, injury-free and full of life (without the help of a dehydrator). Have you ever considered whether or not walking during a run could actually improve your race time? […]

6 days: Motivation Monday, Mentors

This is going to be short and sweet as I’ve had a long and very busy day. On this Motivation Monday, with less than a week until my race I want to encourage all of you to find mentors in your life. This past weekend 80% of Canadians watched the men’s hockey team win a […]

7 days: Tapering and Traveling

My trip to Walt Disney World is just a few days away and in one week I will be running in the 2010 Princess Half Marathon. After 17 weeks of training I have entered the taper phase. Phew. I love the taper. I know many athletes find this period trying because they begin to doubt […]

12 days: Technique Tuesday: Were you born to run?

On Sunday, I had a very interesting chat with a friend who is a personal trainer. She mentioned that she feels strongly that humans are not built to run. Instead, she suggested that humans were built to sprint but not to run long distances. In the moment I actually agreed with her. I have always […]

14 days: Craving comfort

I don’t know why but my stomach has been sore today. I was able to get out for my run and enjoy an afternoon of celebrating friends’ newly renovated kitchen (it is absolutely beautiful) but I just felt off all day. I attempted to alleviate my stomach pain by enjoying a raw version of my […]

15 days: Specialist Saturday and a Simple Salad

I think most people consider vegans salad specialists. Today, on Specialist Saturday, I’m going to share my experience with visiting a podiatrist, and since I know little about biomechanics, I’ll provide an expertly crafted salad for your enjoyment. I sought out a podiatrist because I was feeling some pain in the arch of my foot […]

16 days: Where do you run to, baby?

image from After my cross training post, barbee asked me about how to fit all that exercise into a balanced life. Although, finding balance is an ongoing journey for me, here is my response: The reality is that running isn’t always about fitness and health. Many people get carried away and allow themselves to […]

gluten-freenut-freerawsugar-free 19 days-Technique Tuesday, Why bother with Cross-Training and Avocado Collard Dip?

Collard Avocado Dip

20 days: Motivation Monday, Everyone needs a “ChEar Squad”*

Ottawa Half-Marathon May 2009 Last May I ran a fantastic race in Ottawa. It was a beautiful day, the volunteers were enthusiastic and the crowds cheered for hours. It was the first race that I had ever had supporters come out to cheer me on. I can’t tell you how motivating it is to have […]